Buttercup Chickens!!!!!


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Aug 14, 2011
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How big do they get? what color eggs do they lay?? Show Standards? and any other info u can provide
thank u

heres my pullet
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Mine are only a little bit bigger then my Silkies, if you know what size Silkies are. They're much smaller then most large breeds. They lay whiteish eggs (mine are usually white, but they do vary a little) and they're a good size (medium), they're also pretty consistent layers. I'm afraid I don't have a link to their SOP, and I haven't shown my Buttercups yet though I'd like to.

They're friendly, curious, although a little flighty. The cocks get HUGE combs! But they're gorgeous combs(just gotta watch out for frost bite). The chicks are SO friendly! I have a 10 wk. old cockerel right now and he's just like his daddy was when he was little. Friendly, loves to be held, loves to sit on my arm. And another awesome thing is that you can generally tell the cockerels from the pullets at a very young age because the cockerels start developing that comb at 3-4 weeks old. Also, some people say they don't do well confined but I disagree. I keep my trio penned and they do fine. I've also heard that they make great foragers and I bet they would(my hens love scratching in deep straw on cool days). I'd like to get some good stock in the near future and work on breeding/showing my Buttercups. They're really a fun, personable, interesting breed. Here are some pics of mine at 6 months old






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ya i know what silkies are lol very cute birds, ur buttercups are very pretty, i didnt know males combs get that big, haha my little pullet isnt friendly at all, dnt like to be handled or anything, but does fine in a coop or cage, shes in a coop right now with 7 other birds, i want more buttercups tho, im going to show her next july if she looks show quality by then, hard to tell right now shes only 2 months old, plus idk what the standards for buttercups are... lol
Bantam Buttercup males should be between 24 and 26 oz and females between 20 and 22 oz. So, in general bantam buttercups are considered some of the 'larger' of the bantams. Be sure to weigh them occasionally to make sure they are not getting away from this standard.

In the standard buttercups, males should be between 5.5 to 6.5 pounds and the females between 4 and 5 pounds.

I love the challenge of the buttercups. Most concentrate so much on the comb type that there is usually a lot of work to do with the color pattern in the females.

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