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10 Years
Jun 13, 2009
white springs, fl
Does anyone have any of them and what do you think of them...any pics? Are they wildly flighty or calm or somewhere in the middle...are they heat tolerant? It gets awfully hot around here...
well, I have 15 brand new Buttercup babies...never saw one before so I am interested to see how the grow up...

I have a couple- Ginger & Marianne.

They were raised by hand with all of my other birds and are very friendly, though they play hard to get when I reach for them! They will jump up in my lap like anyone else, and they love being petted.

My girls lay often and do very well in the heat- it's 96* right now.

I love them!
i know some one with butter cups that are crazy and they dont let any one near them but then again they were never handled as chicks so that explains why
all the little poops escaped from their little brooder cage today and were wandering around in the building pooping on everything...I had to wrap the cage in chicken wire and decrease the size of the openings...but I just walked in and they all kind of came around my ankles to check out my boots...I just leaned over and scooped them up two or three at a time and put them back in their newly secured cage...they seem quite calm actually...I hope they stay that way...I love their strippy, speckeld pajamas that they came in...the adult hens are really pretty from what pictures I have seen...never seen a live adult...now that I am hot wired up to the stars and the predators are at bay, I felt like I could have a few chickens again...I wanted Mottled Javas or Campines or Silver Leghorns...I like color...these were down on my list but available so that is what I ended up with...I ordered 25 but had it down to 15 before I got home with them...that is enough...I have the ducks and geese but missed hearing the roosters crow and the egg song from the hens...had to do it again...
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These petite loves are some of the nicest color in my flock. I love the screechy voices and the Sleestax noises- you have to be a certain age to know what I'm talking about.

They are really wonderful little things, and if you handle them daily you'll be well rewarded. They do try to play hard-to-get, but keep up the efforts until they are laying and you'll have some of the nicest birds you've ever met, and they are just gorgeous!

I'll look for some pics of my girls...

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