button quail/chinese painted - all colours


8 Years
Nov 17, 2011
bunnell, Florida
In the beginning of December, late November I hatched abooout sixty-five button quail. About 45 were males and i'd like to get rid of 30 of them. At least... I'm keeping all my girls until I can hatch more. They're about all ready to lay so when they do I'll hatch out more and sell them as straight run, bc until they 'ha-ha' at you or get red tail feathers they're essentially genderless... If anyone in central florida is interested(2 bucks is CHEAP for these birds, male or not! I just gotta downsize.) Reply, PM, or email me. Also, they're extremely healthy and since I've moved them outside I have only lost two and they got stuck in btwn the food pan and the cage wall when we had a cold front. And after they all hatched, only 6 tops died... I guess I hatched 75 or so out of 220+ eggs in a fluctuating incubator that had the door fall off 1 week before hatch day... Oh, and i have some coturnix quail males that gotta go... I just hatched six right after the buttons and they're all males. White A&M, standard brown, and golden. If I sell any females, girls would be $5. Coz they. Are a PAIN to get to get enough to hatch and you have to buy some males too. I think I have less then 20 hens... I could do pairs or trios. And it's much too cold out to ship the fragile little birds. Oh, email me if you'd like to see some more pictures. It's I tried attatching a picture but I don't think it worked...
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