Button Quail Female Sneezing and Lethargic

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  1. phxpetlover

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    Oct 21, 2013
    I've had a male and female button quail pair for about a year; their ages are unknown. About a week ago I noticed that the female was sneezing and since then she has become increasingly more lethargic. She hasn't layed any eggs since (and she usually lays quite a bit). Her eyes are clear and stools seem regular. The male shows no sign of sickness.I feed them high-protein game bird crumble and seeds. They also get fresh veggie bits as well. I keep them outside in Phoenix, AZ so the weather right now is very moderate. I don't know what has caused my bird to get sick, or how to help her. I'm worried that she might not make it much longer. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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