Button Quail male to female ratio? AND genetics?


10 Years
Feb 10, 2009
Anyone know whats the best ratio for every male?
I want the highest number of fertile eggs to be laid.


I have males and females of all different colors , will it hurt if I just put any males with any females? Will I get a variety of colors?
Buttons do best with a 1:1 ratio. In the wild they pair up for life.

And mixing the colors together won't hurt at all. Even if you put same colored males and females together, you would still get a mix of colors!! Very few button quail breed true to their color.
Buttons do best in pairs. This is how they live in the wild I also find the fertility rate is higher this way.
As for the colors I would get a copy of Garrie's book if you want to play with the colors. If you don't care what colors you get you can just put them any old way
Lucky me

Well if the cage I am building works out , at least I know how to get there cages for cheap .. I should have stayed with cortunix , my buttons are very cute but very spaztic
Now I`m confused with a different subject...

Chinese painted and button quails? Are the completely two different birds?If so, how are they different? How are they alike?

Also about colors, so if I pair a "normal" colored bird with a white colored bird....Will I get "normals", whites, plus other colors?


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