Buy It Now - 1 dozen Silkied Ameraucana Project Eggs - Includes shipping!


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Jan 21, 2010
This is a buy it now - not an auction.

Silkied Ameraucana Project

Silkied is a feather type - these are not Silkie crosses.

Flock is blue & splash, roo is a splash silkied, all but 1 hen is silkied &
all are splash & blue.

Most chicks should be silkied, there is only 1 split hen in this flock -
all normally feathered will be splits.

At 5 days it is obvious on the wing tips if they are silkied or split.
All you have to do it spread the wing and look at it.

****12 eggs - Shipped - $35.00 total****
8+ 4 extras = 12 eggs

Reserve your date now to be sure you get them...
I will not add cold packs - they leak and ruin eggs.

Can ship Monday & Wednesday.

Next available date is May 28, 2014.

PM me for paypal info & to place an order. Dates are reserved once paid.
Monday --- Wednesday
May 12* --- June 2*
May 14* --- June 4*
May 19* --- June 9* Last depending on temps.

May 21* ---
May 26* ----
May 28 ------------

* = Reserved

Eggs will be individually bubble wrapped & double boxed.
USPS Priority shipping.

Shipping is a risk, sometimes you get a good hatch, sometimes not.
No guarantees due to PO handling or incubator issues...

Paypal & shipping address must be received before eggs can be shipped.
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