Buy it Now: 10 Assorted Showgirl eggs

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    Cj's Silkies is offering

    10 Assorted Showgirl Silkie Hatching Eggs

    I will ship today if someone takes them before 4pm EST if not they will ship tomorrow. This buy it Now closes tomorrow at 10am EST.

    $15 Shipping

    Due to space all my Showgirls are in the same pen. Many people
    don't care for them and don't want them in the pens with the silkie forwhich there eggs are coming from.
    So I have separated them. I have
    white, self blue, partridge, silver partridge, black, blue, Isabella.
    Roos are white. I have gotten many nice pullets & cockerels from
    this pen.

    The fertility rate is excellent as I have
    chicks now from these same hens.

    If eggs look stained its from my new contractors sand I put
    in coops. Girls love it so they bury their eggs now.

    None of my stock came from Hatcheries.

    Please paypal as soon as you put sold in the reply so I can get these out tomorrow. Paypal to [email protected] In comment section please put your byc id, and your phone number if you want to pickup at post office.

    If you would like to see more of my birds please visit the new revamp site at on the site is also a Winner's Circle tab for those that want to know if I have show quality silkies.
    Thanks. Cj



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