Buy It Now - 11 eggs to ship today - Black & Blue Copper Marans Hatching Eggs

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    Jan 21, 2010
    This is a Buy It Now - not an auction. I have more eggs than I have room in the bator for!
    Price includes USPS Priority shipping.

    I bought eggs for black & blue copper marans from a local breeder.

    11 Black Copper & Blue Copper Marans
    {dates laid: 1- 2/15, 3- 2/16, 2- 2/17, 2-2/18, 2- 2/19 & 1- 2/20}

    At 10 am TX time these will have to be shipped on Monday due to the PO closing at 11 am here.

    This is a total of 11 eggs no extras that I can't fit and are ready to ship today.
    Post SOLD below, send payment thru Paypal, no e-checks
    and pm me your shipping info & phone # if you want it on the box.

    $30.00 shipped USPS Priority. My paypal address is [email protected]
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