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    Listing will be closed and later reopened once the buyer deposits funds into our paypal .(no epay please these eggs are ready to ship & epay delays by several days)To buy, simply post SOLD and deposit funds into our paypal account: [email protected] Make sure I can see your address. If you want your phone number on the box so you can call for pickup please do send it in the paypal notes. Most phone transfers do NOT show the address. Postage is $17.50 & Priority mail and confirmation delivery. We wrap and ship carefully but do not guarantee hatch/replace eggs because Shipping and incubation are not under our control. 12+ eggs means 12 eggs & more if available. Pickups allowed as scheduled.

    Breeders Black Copper Marans are Wade Jeanne & Bev Davis & GarryFarm line.Egg color is deep. Not all eggs as dark as pictures/our hens are on different cycles of their laying.All breeders born of dark eggs, which increases the opportunity to hatch deeped colored eggs. Although we have been work with the Black Copper Marans and our other Marans, we never cease to be amazed at their beautiful eggs...Here is a [​IMG]pic of the eggs by our Lavendar Ameraucana eggs:

    This is a picture of Moses who guarded baby goats, and then became the father to many of our BCM hens,[​IMG]

    Before he rose to this esteemed Lordship, I had him in The Garry Farm Roosterville for sale. Well, one fine night he escaped Roosterville and flew over to pay attention to some precious newborn goats when he heard them crying... It is a wonderful, Garry Farm fairy tale with a very happy ending!!! His reward was to have a permanent kingdom on our small farm! If you look closely in the next picture, you'll see him on guard with the baby goats:[​IMG]he is sitting above them on the tree stump! Here's another profile of Moses:

    [​IMG] Moses, A leader and protector and the father of many! May Long he Live!

    how we wrap and ship eggs:
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    SOLD !!!

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