Buy It Now: 12+ F1 Olive Eggers - Split to Lavender!

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    Dec 2, 2007
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    I am overrun with olive egger eggs! My current flock are all F1 olive eggers that I made by crossing a lavender Ameraucana rooster over black copper Marans hens, making them all split to lavender. This means that statistically speaking, 25% of the chicks hatched from these eggs should be lavender. Please disregard the brown eggs in the pic, they are from another group, but the olive ones are a good representation of the egg color these guys are laying for me.

    Please PM if interested, I have multiple lots available. Shipping is $15. Extras will be sent. Eggs will be bubble-wrapped and sent Priority Mail in a styrofoam-insulated double box. As always, I can guarantee that the eggs arrive fresh and fertile, but I cannot be responsible for actions of the postal system or hatch rate.
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