BUY IT NOW~ 12+ LF Blue, Black, Splash, Lavender, Cochins!~ NPIP in NC


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Sep 17, 2010
Olin, North Carolina
Please disregard the bids in this thread. I converted this to a BIN listing. Just PM to order your eggs.Thanks!
My incubators are full, so I am offering 12+ any extras from Hens and Friends Large Fowl Blue Cochins. I am hatching Blue, Black, Splash and occasionally Lavender from these sweet birds. I have 3 roosters, Black, Blue and Splash with the hens. The hens are Blue, Black and Splash as well.
The LF Cochins are very friendly and the roosters are not aggressive with each other or with people. They are huge birds, but I have found them to be very feed efficient. My birds have access to a large grassy orchard and free range throughout the day. They are fed a high quality feed and are given fresh veggies and fruits from my garden and orchard. In general they are pretty spoiled!
My Flock is NPIP in NC, and is vaccinated for Marek's Disease.
Feel free to visit my website at
to find out more about my farm.
Feel free to PM me with any questions about my birds or shipping arrangements.These are recent photos of my birds that I took here at the Farm.
Fertility has been great and I have been hatching beautiful chicks from these sweeties.

Scroll down to read my Guarantee!


This package of eggs will be super fresh and will be shipped to you on Monday, May 6th or Tuesday the 7th.

Payment is to be made to my PayPal account immediately following your purchase. A delay in payment will only mean a delay in shipment and loss of freshness of the eggs for you. If for any reason the hens stop laying or I am unable to send the eggs on this date I will notify you ASAP and arrangements can be made for another shipping date, or a refund. (This rarely happens, but I felt I should mention it) You know how hens can be!
A tracking # will be given you as well.

Shipping is included!
You may also arrange for pickup of these eggs at the farm if you live nearby.

I wrap each egg in large bubble wrap (with the ends slightly open for air circulation) and then cushion them extremely well for the trip to your incubator. I will ship them by USPS, Priority Mail with insurance included on the package for the value of the eggs. The box WILL be marked Fragile, Hatching Eggs, Etc. to protect them from negligence by the PO. Please leave feedback about the condition of your package upon arrival and my service.

Hens and Friends Guarantee!
Thank you for buying my hatching eggs! I am excited to share my beautiful hatching eggs with you and I want to wish you a successful and happy hatching experience. I carefully package each order securely and ship orders by USPS Priority Mail with insurance for the value of the eggs.
Unwrap your box of eggs and candle the eggs to check for any air cell damage, cracks, or other damage to the eggs. If the eggs look intact during candling, set the eggs in an egg carton with the pointy end down and let them settle for a minimum of 24 hours. If you can let them settle for 48 hours it will give you the possibility of a more successful hatch. Then set your eggs in your incubator and continue with the hatching process.
The eggs I ship to you will be clean, but never washed! I keep immaculate nest boxes for my hens with hay and pine shavings and I never send dirty eggs. They might look too clean, but I assure you they are not washed. If it rains and eggs get a bid dirty from mud, I usually keep those eggs for myself and wait until the weather dries up before I send your shipment.
If you notice during candling that you have damage to the eggs and are unhappy with the handling they received en route to your address, place the eggs and all packaging materials back in the original packaging, in the same manner that it was sent to you and ship it back to me by USPS Priority Mail. Tie up the plastic bag provided with the packaging to prevent leakage, and return the box within 2 business days of your receiving the package. When the package arrives here, I will give you a complete refund for the eggs and the shipping and handling on the original order. You must leave positive feedback for me on my service, to receive this guarantee. I will also refund the return shipping for the package as well.
If you do not see damage to the box, or eggs and you decide that the eggs are intact and ready to incubate, send positive feedback on BYC about the arrival of the eggs, packaging, my service and communication with you. I am always happy to work with my customers with their hatching needs.
By accepting these eggs and placing them in your incubator, you agree and are assuming all risks associated with hatching shipped eggs and I have done my part in our business arrangement. I have provided you with fresh, fertile, unbroken eggs and the rest is up to you, your incubator and your hatching experience level. It takes many years to develop experience with hatching successfully. I am always learning and gaining experience with each hatch. I have ordered many eggs from all over the country. In doing so, I have learned that I will probably have as many unsuccessful hatches as I do successful ones. To me it is worth the gamble and I have hatched some beautiful birds throughout the years from many wonderful breeders. I know that most breeders do their best to ship eggs to us in good shape. Rough handling during shipping is a real problem that we all will have to find ways to deal with. Be sure to file complaints to the USPS and ask for changes to be made to handle eggs with more care during shipping. I am on a mission to have my eggs arrive to my customers in great shape. I expect nothing less for my eggs and my customers. I am participating in the BYC, “Great Egg Shipping Experiment” Join me on the thread to help make this experiment a success and share your hatching experiences with us! I am determined to make Hens and Friends a great place to get your hatching eggs.
Sincerely yours, Jody McMillan Hens and Friends Rare and Heritage Poultry
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