BUY IT NOW* 12 LF EE eggs, Ship 3/3

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    BUY IT NOW* Paypal only please

    I have 12 EE eggs and 2 bonus Ancona/Dominique (Black Sexlink) eggs. These eggs will ship tomorrow Saturday 3/3.

    Eggs in the picture are eggs you are getting, sorry they're a little dirty, its been raining on and off all week. Eggs are from 3/1&2.

    4 Wheaton Ameraucana Rooster over 2 gold and 1 silver EE hens
    3 Wheaton Ameraucana Rooster over White LeghornX hen
    2 Wheaton Ameraucana Rooster over White Leghorn hen
    2 Gold Duckwing-ish EE Rooster over Splash Jersey Giant Hen (blue chicks)
    1 Mottled Ancona Rooster over EE/Leghorn Hen

    And 2 bonus Mottled Ancona Rooster over Dominique Hen, chicks will be Sexlinked.

    Please post here "Sold" and send Paypal to [email protected] I will be leaving for work at 7:30 am EST, eggs must be paid for before then to have them shipped tomorrow. I will remove this a once eggs are paid for.

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