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    This is a Buy it Now for 12+ F1 Olive Egger Eggs. PM to buy. I ship Tuesdays and Fridays.
    Shipping is 15.00---20.00 if on the west coast. I double box and pack very well, but cannot be responsible for any damages due to USPS handling.
    I also cannot guarantee hatch rates due to factors beyond my control, but I have very good hatch rates on these here.

    I crossed Welsummers with Blue and Black Copper Marans and got blue and black hens with orangy hackles laying nice dark eggs.

    They are great layers, averaging 5 eggs a week each. I have these under a Blue Wheaten Ameraucana to make F1 Olive Eggers.Eggs were super dark for the first few months and have lightened some, but color is holding up pretty well considering they have been laying since November.
    Eggs on the left are the early eggs, eggs on the right are the current color, taken in daylight:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    While I cannot predict exactly what the offspring will look like, nor what color egg they will lay, I have hatched several dozen of these and all have had pea combs and beards/muffs. Chicks are hatching as blacks, partridge, wheatenish, and all shades of blue, including splash.
    Some chicks from the last hatch:

    Some 17 week old juvies:

    Some 7 week old juvies:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    WoW they're incredible!!!! Specially the Gray with the copper necks. But so are the Americauna's. Wow ! :) Already working on it still...just got started! LOL & the colors of the must be very proud & should be!

    First reaction was" You want to drive where to get these chickens"...LOL... maybe a horse but chickens...I'm going to show him the pics. :)
    He ate out side on the porch & let the chickens roam this evening..:)

    Gotta chance :)

    Thanks Again
    GAP Flying Low
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    Do you still have this pen? Do you anticipate having any this season? If so, I would love 6+

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