Buy It Now: 12 Silkie/Showgirl Eggs, Paint &other colors (small chance of polish mix-read below)

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    Buy It Now Listing - Please PM me for my Paypal info to purchase or for questions. I can do orders for more eggs.
    Shipping by Priority Mail at the cost of $10. ($25 total includes shipping) Will ship the next day after purchase/paid for if by 7pm CST. Postal shipping time takes about 2-3 days.
    Please read entire listing to fully understand what you are buying and feel free to PM if you have questions.

    12 eggs from my flock, plus extras if I can get them before shipping. These are mostly silkies, and some showgirls, which I have all running together right now. There are mostly paint, but also blue, black, white, and one splash. My silkies and showgirls may hatch the following colors: paint (this is what most of my silkies are), black, blue, splash, partridge, or white. Sometimes a red paint will hatch. I have several laying paint hens right now. *My frizzled bantam polish pair did free range with my silkies a few times in the last month - I've had them completely separated for nearly two weeks now. Mixes are unlikely now but possible.*

    I've attached lots of pictures of what I have - including one picture of the frizzled pair. Feel free to scroll through all the pictures at the top to check them out!
    I cannot pick and choose which eggs come from which birds or what color they will be, this includes all eggs I get. I ASK THAT YOU PLEASE ONLY BID IF YOU ARE WILLING TO CARE FOR ANY OF THE BABIES THAT HATCH FROM THESE EGGS, OR FIND GOOD HOMES FOR THOSE YOU DO NOT KEEP. Thank you for understanding. These birds are my pets and I love them all! I'm hoping that sharing these eggs I cannot hatch will bring someone else as much enjoyment.
    Keep in mind while beautiful silkies hatch, not all of them are perfect. Sometimes there are incorrect toes, single comb, or other DQ's can happen.

    Paypal payment is due the day you commit to buy. Contact me if you want to make other arrangements. These usually ship the day after purchased if paid for by 7pm CST.

    I am getting excellent fertility in the eggs I am incubating, but I cannot guarantee hatch rates with shipped eggs. They will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail, which typically takes 2-3 days, but I can't control mail transit time. During the holidays it could be longer. I will not be responsible for any accidents in the mail since I cannot control what happens when they leave. I will ship within continental US only, excluding HI, AK. If your state has restrictions on receiving shipped eggs, please contact me prior to buying. I will individually wrap each egg and package with care. I will mark the box as fragile. There are too many factors that affect hatching of eggs, I cannot guarantee hatch rates.
    I don't wash the eggs, because that can contaminate them. I do wipe loose dirt off if necessary.

    Feel free to PM me if you have questions. Thanks! [​IMG]

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    Paint showgirl out of these eggs:




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    Are you still selling these eggs? I would be interested in buying some.

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