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    Due to an unfortunate accident involving a customer on my waiting list, I will have 12+ STANDARD Orloff eggs available for shipment on Tuesday, April 17th. Fertility is confirmed by my own incubations...or I should say, my broodies' incubations. [​IMG] Price includes priority mail shipping with delivery confirmation. My packing materials include bubble wrap, bubble bags, shredded paper, AND egg cartons.

    These pics were taken last spring and the flock has dramatically changed/improved since then. With their fall molt, their new plumage is covered with beautiful spangles. I strive for correct body carriage, leg color, comb type, and spangling in my breeding program, and these birds display all of those qualities. I hope to get some better pictures taken soon and update my online albums.

    To Buy It Now, send a pm saying "Sold" and I will send Paypal payment info as soon as I'm online. NO E-CHECKS!

    Due to the many variables involved with shipped hatching eggs, I am not responsible for your hatch rate. Nor am I responsible for eggs that are damaged by the postal service while in transit.


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