** BUY IT NOW ** 12+ WELSUMMERS hatching eggs ** Channing Grisham line ** NPIP **

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    ** BUY NOW ** ** BUY NOW **

    For your consideration are 12+
    of our fertile hatching eggs from our NPIP certified flock of
    Welsummers from Channing Grisham line.

    12+ = $30.00 total
    18+ = $40.00 total
    24+ = $50.00 total

    Please email your order to [email protected]

    I will ship fresh eggs on any date you like,
    just let me know when you make payment.
    I can ship up 3 doz in the box and will gladly add
    any of our other hatching eggs to fill the box

    We take MO or Paypal to [email protected] ...
    Eggs shown are top 5 are Welsummers and bottom 6 are our RI Reds.

    These are really sweet natured birds and along with my RI Reds have become a family favorite laying beautiful deep dark brown speckled eggs. They are from Channing Grisham line and I just love our colorful rooster "Kellogg". They range really well, lay great and are very hardy in the winter too. A few were shown by a 4-H friend of ours and she placed first at her county fair as well as winning at our state fair as well. They have defiantly have become a winner on our farm as I am sure they will for you as well! We have had great fertility and hatch rate to date on the farm and just starting to share them with others now as well. These are pullet eggs so getting bigger and darker as they get into laying more.

    All birds on our farm are blood tested Pullorum/Typhoid clean and we are NPIP certified flock #71-0380. We see that our birds are kept happy and healthy by giving them the best feed and TLC daily! Our Heritage RI Reds and Welsummers each have their own large 20 x 50 pens while our purebred bantams are kept in individual breeding pens away from predators. We feed a high quality, high protein all natural game bird breeder pellet with vitamins and minerals in the water daily to insure high fertility. We also feed a little scratch grains, Calf Manna and veggie treats from the garden daily. We LOVE spoiling our birds and it shows!

    Chicken raisin' is all we do so I assure you we gather often to keep the eggs from getting to hot or to cold to stay fresh and fertile for you. Our hatching eggs are dated the day they were laid so you will know how old the egg is when received. No eggs over 4 days are shipped unless we give them as free extra eggs. While waiting to ship all eggs are turned three times a day and stored in a chilled temperature controlled room to assure you the best possible hatch. Eggs are usually fairly clean, but may contain occasional soiling. I do not wash eggs but will brush of excess soiling if present. Washing can contaminate the eggs and may decrease hatch rate. Eggs are wrapped individually in bubble wrap then packed in an egg carton or small box, then nestled in shredded paper in large shipping box. We clearly mark box FRAGILE HATCHING EGGS - DO NOT X-RAY -THIS END UP! I've had very good success shipping this way.
    We have had an excellent hatch rate on our farm ourselves as well as with our shipped eggs.
    However, we cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to circumstances out of our control.
    Rough postal handling and incubator mishaps will make perfectly fertile eggs not develop or hatch.
    Purchasing shipped hatching eggs is a risk. Please be understanding and know this when purchasing hatching eggs.

    When your eggs arrive carefully unwrap them and store them pointy end down at room temperature for 12-24 hours to help the air cell settle from shipping.

    I have Fibromyalgia and can't work. My chickens are my therapy that keep me going,
    selling a few hatching eggs and chicks helps me buy feed for my little feathered loved ones, THANK YOU for looking!

    Hugs and God Bless,
    GOOD LUCK hatching from Lucky Pickens Farm!
    Roslyn & Gary Pickens

    NPIP certified flock #71-0380
    AR private P/T tester #P601

    Raisin' critters & havin' a ball in Danville, AR
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    I've got a dozen of these happily incubating right now. (actually 14!) :]
  3. luckypickens

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    Danville, AR
    Can't wait to see how they do! I just hatched out more last week just the sweetest chicks! Raising some to show at our fair in Sept! I can't wait to show them off! [​IMG]
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    The beautiful eggs you sent both the RIR and Welsummers will be hatching this Friday [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]All the eggs except one made it this far [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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