Buy It Now 2 Doz+ Bantam Surprise!! Shipping Included

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    This Buy it now is for 2 doz+ Bantam Surprise eggs
    Most will be mixed or maybe pure will also include so pure eggs from my seperated breeders.
    Most eggs will be from this pen

    Bantam Pen

    1 Black Silkie
    1 Brassy back Old English
    2 Bantam Rhode Island Reds

    1 Black Silkie
    1 Blue Silkie (Broody)
    1 Silver Partridge Silkie
    1 Brassy Back Old English
    3 Millie Fleur Cochins (1 Red Columbian, 1 Black with red around neck, and 1 Black Mottled)
    2 Bantam Rhode Island Reds
    3 Buff Laced Seabrights

    Also will include all pure eggs from these pens

    White Laced Red Corinsh

    Cresle Old English

    Blue Spangled Old English

    Self Blue Old English

    I have not marked the eggs
    Just hatched some Silkies from my last batch
    Shipping included in Price
    eggs will be collect saturday and Sunday
    Will ship out Monday through Wednsday depending on when they are bought.
    Please Post here if you want them then PM me
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  2. bakingintherain

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    Feb 1, 2012
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    would i be able to buy now and have it delivered in time for the easter hatch along (march 17th)?

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