BUY IT NOW! 8+ Blue Black Splash Silkie Eggs SQ (show stats listed) Bobbi Porto / George Mihalik

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    Aug 14, 2011
    SUPER DUPER GORGEOUS BIRDS - we are not hatching anymore at this time, so am offering these for sale.

    You will be getting 8+ eggs - will include all eggs laid up to shipping time.

    Please PM me to purchase.

    Shipping will be $14.00 for anywhere in the USA. Please paypal to [email protected]

    The eggs in this listing are from 6 bearded silkie hens and one rooster.

    3 hens are from Bobbi Porto which she acquired from George Mihalik - and are just drop dead gorgeous birds.

    3 hens are from a private seller in PA - show winners in local Pennsylvania APA sanctioned shows:

    November 2009 Frederick, MD Show (Junior) Bearded Blue Silkie Pullet (Lola)- 2nd, RV

    March 2010 Delmarva Poultry Fanciers Club Show (Junior) Bearded Blue Silkie Pullet (Lola)- 2nd

    November 2010 Frederick, MD Poultry Show (Junior) Bearded Blue Silkie Pullet (Sassy)- 1st, BV

    The splash rooster is from Bobbi Porto line (his name is Tarzan) and Bobbi told me that he may be split to lavender. There are 4 blue hens (1 of the blue hens is from BP via GM), 1 splash hen (from BP via GM) and 1 black hen (from BP via GM).

    The two shown are the splash roo and hen - hen won BB in Florida (shown by Bobbi Porto). Before I purchased these birds I asked Bobbi if they were SQ or BQ and she said they were absolutely SQ and "wowsa!" so...needless to say, I send payment and waited for them to arrive, sight unseen and she was right...WOWSA is the word! LOL! ABSOLUTE SHOW QUALITY - I think they meet every standard for ABC for standard of perfection (just my opinion).

    I will upload pics of the rest of the flock tomorrow - they are finishing a molt and the pics I took when they arrived were deleted, ugh. I cleaned up splash hen and roo and went out to take pics this evening and they are dirty again - I left for less than 20 minutes...double ugh!

    All have heavy leg feathering, big full crests, blue earlobes, black skin, gorgeous super fluffy feathering, tight wings, roo has tight walnut comb, 5 toes (of course lol), nice big cushions on the hens,

    PAYPAL can be sent to [email protected] at end of auction. Shipping is $14 for priority mail with tracking.

    PLEASE feel free to email any questions as well.


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