Buy it now Auction end of spring sale 6+ Bantam welsummer eggs or 12+

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    Mar 5, 2007
    Ok heres the deal I am going to be letting birds out to free range at end of this month and won't be offering these eggs again until October.
    So I have reduced the price a bit
    Just PM if interested.

    12++ will cost 14.00 eggs + $14.00 shipping I usaully send 17 to 18
    6++ will cost $7.00 eggs + $11.00 shipping. I usally send 8 to 9

    pay-pal only to [email protected]

    Bantam welsummer eggs are not dark like the LF welsummers some do have speckels

    I have both dutch and german lines and they are all running together. I have 18 hens and 5 roos
    I usually send 2 to 6 extra.

    Do to risk of shipping eggs I can not Garuantee your hatch.

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