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9 Years
May 22, 2010
Offering for your consideration this nice young porcelain Silkie pair. This pair is being offered at a bargain price because they are out of condition AND we are reaching the end of shipping season in many places. They are both approximately 8 months old and come from my NPIP certified and AI tested clean show flock. They were vaccinated for Marek's Disease at hatch and will come to you bathed and free of parasites. These two would be a very nice addition to a porcelain program or a nice start with this color. The cockerel has been in a pen with other boys and is missing a lot of feathers from his crest, hackle and tail, but has very nice type, large dark eyes, good feet, excellent wings and good color. He has a medium sized comb with 3 horns. The pullet is also in poor feather condition as she has been running outside in my pet pen and has damaged a lot of her feathers. I had to pull out a section of her crest because she had tree sap in it:( However, she has excellent color, very nice wings, a round compact body and nice dark eyes and comb. She has poor separation of 4/5 toes on one foot. I would like to ship this pair as soon as possible, before the weather gets any warmer. Please consider the weather at your end before contacting me about this pair; I won't ship if the temps are much above 75 degrees. Box fee is $15 (2 boxes) and shipping costs will depend on your location. Postage is generally around $65 to ship a pair across the country (I am in Washington state). Please pm or email me if interested. Thank you for looking. See more of my silkies on my website at

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Breeding quality bearded Silkie bantams in white, black, buff, blue, splash & partridge. Working on lavender & porcelain.
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