**Buy It Now** RARE - 15+ Lavender (TRUE) Araucana Egg - FREE SHIPPING!

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    First "SOLD" reply will be the buyer - These are 15+ TRUE Lavender Araucana - tufted, rumpless - eggs - our flock is have been amazing for us. Hens are super sweet, one actually jumps up and climbs onto my shoulder almost every day.

    If you would like to purchase them please reply "SOLD" in a post and I will close listing ASAP & mark listing sold. Will include all extras laid up till shipping time. Shipping is via priority mail with tracking.

    They do NOT have any feather issues or problems, they are gorgeous, big, nice birds. No yellow legs - all gorgeous even coloring feathers - hens are tufted rumpless and non tufted rumpless - roos (2 of them) are tufted, rumpless. They lay blue to rich blue green eggs.

    We pack very carefully, each egg is individually wrapped and packaged with love and care - we want our eggs to arrive in the best condition possible so our buyers have a good hatch...we have lots of "grand chicks" out there! LOL! NOTE - PLEASE allow eggs to settle for a minimum of 12 - 24 hours in the room where they will be set to allow any condensation to dissipate and increase your chances of a great hatch!

    We have had GREAT fertility & excellent hatch rates. If you are not familiar with this breed please research before purchasing as they can be tricky to work with - here is an excellent article on BYC about Araucana chickens.

    They are free ranging chickens and sleep in their adjoining coops each night. They roam the property together, are in excellent health, are quite pleasant and friendly and the eggs they produce are simply gorgeous, they are an even blue green color.

    We lovingly care for these birds, feed them an organic (NOT certified) diet, we have not lost any to injury or illness.

    The pictures of the birds in this auction are the actual breeding birds the eggs are coming from. They are our birds, not internet photos. The chicks are our most recently hatched chicks.

    We will safely package the eggs to get them to you quickly and safely*. Eggs are collected and turned morning, noon and evening (eggs should be turned an odd number each day so there is no chance of eggs laying on the same side).

    Please send payment to [email protected] with your mailing address (sometimes it doesn't come through on paypal) and a number if you would like to be called when the package gets to your local post office.

    *As with all shipped eggs we cannot be responsible for them once they leave our hands. We do our very best to wrap them as carefully as possible and mark the boxes very well to indicate that they are live eggs. So far ALL of our shipments have arrived to the buyer intact with good air cells!

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