BUY IT NOW. Silkie Hatching Eggs


10 Years
Jun 5, 2009
Grayson, GA
12+ Silkie Hatching Eggs (usually 15 or so)....will ship Priority with Confirmation to keep you informed of your shipment. Packaging carefully with bubble wrap.

Payment accepted: Paypal at [email protected] or Visa/Mastercard if you prefer.

Pictures on Member Pages: atlchick.

I have all my Silkies in one pen; there are several whites, a couple of blacks, a couple of grays, and the roo is buff.

The fertility rate has been great. I've got new peeps running around everywhere!
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Ok so can I just paypal you $25 and in the subject area write which auction I want? Thanks
Painer, I think so. You'll need to "close" the auction you buy from. I used to know how this all worked until they changed the set-up and I haven't had time to look into all this very closely.

Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll try to help you thru the process.



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