Buy It Now - Silkied/Split Ameraucana Project Eggs to ship 3/12/14

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    This is a buy it now - not an auction.

    Silkied Ameraucana Project
    Flock is blue & splash, roo is silkied, most hens are silkied, some are split.

    Chicks can be silkied and split - all normally feathered will be splits. At 5 days it is obvious on the wing tips if they are silkied or split.

    8 eggs + extras. Will be individually bubble wrapped.

    ********This set is available to ship Wednesday - March 12th.********

    PM me for future dates. 2-3 sets a week probably available.

    Eggs are $3 each = $24 for the 8 + extras + $16.50 shipping/packing/fees for a total of $40.50
    Shipping is a risk, sometimes you get a good hatch, sometimes not.
    No guarantees due to PO handling or incubator issues...

    Post SOLD below & PM me for paypal info.

    Paypal & shipping address must be received before eggs are shipped.

    ***Due to issues I have had with some people getting mad when I flat did not have eggs to ship, I reserve the right to NOT sell to / ship to those people. For some reason, a couple of people demanded I squeeze eggs out of them while in molt & not laying & actually were mad and pitching a fit that I "refused" to send them eggs... Not looking for drama & when not laying, I can't make them [​IMG]***
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    Sent you a PM for 3/12/14 ship date
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    Beautiful birds, Unfortunaletly I'm not set up for eggs

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