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    Mar 2, 2009
    SOLD :) SOLD :) SOLD
    We have our small flock of 6 Large Fowl Blue Black Splash Ameraucanas for sale.
    We purchased them as day old chicks in May of 2011 from well known Ameraucana breeders Paul and Angela Smith (this flock is from amazing show stock). They are really beautiful birds and the hens just started laying their beautiful blue eggs a few weeks ago.
    We have 2 Blue hens, 2 Splash hens, 1 Black hen and 1 Blue Rooster.
    We would really prefer to sell them all together. We are asking $150 for the flock of 6.
    We are asking $35 for each hen and $25 for the rooster.
    Prices are firm and fair for the stock we are selling. All the money we get from selling them will go directly back into my son's many wonderful chicken related 4H projects.
    You can see some pictures here
    Please send me a pm if you are interested in purchasing them.
    Our flock is P/T tested and papered.
    LOCAL PICK UP ONLY - Dripping Springs, Texas - Thank you :)
    SOLD :) SOLD :) SOLD
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