BUY IT NOW- Started and day old chicks to ship 3/31 or 4/1 so HURRY!! :-)

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    Started chick SALE: I am NPIP: CA-426, PT and AI clean
    These chicks will ship either 3/31 or 4/1.
    PLEASE make sure your temperature lows are above 32 degrees. Thanks!!!
    So, minimum order is 6 chicks for 2-3 week olds. When I felt it relevant, I have listed which pen each chick came from. Pen lists can be found on my website: under "hatching egg codes". You may combine chicks from 2-3 weeks OR from 1-2 weeks, but not from 1 and 3 weeks unless you order enough for me to split the order (ex. 5-6 one week olds and 4-5 three week olds would work as a combined order).

    3 week olds:
    1 EE: $8
    1 Black Orp (from C pen, so may carry chocolate if a male):
    2 Chocolate Orps (from C pen): $15 each
    1 Rhodebar Cockerel (F-6): $5
    1 Olive Egger (Pen F-7 from legbar egg): $12
    4 Golden Cuckoo Marans Cockerels: $5 each
    1 Spangled/Mottled Orp (MP pen, my project line): $15
    1 Black Orp (Next to Lav-C…may carry chocolate if male): $12
    3 Columbian project orp pen (black based birds, with some brown, and white)… I will try to attach a pic of these as a comment: $8 each.
    1 black frizzled ameraucana: $15
    1 black smooth ameraucana: $9

    2 week olds:
    1 silkie (blue or blue cuckoo, sorry I can't recall and forgot to write down): $10
    1 Chocolate Orp (from C pen): $14
    1 Black Orp (from C pen): $11
    1 Chocolate Orp (from F5 pen): $14
    1 Olive egger (from F7 pen, olive egg): $10
    1 Spangled/Mottled Orp (Mot pen): $15
    2 Black Orps (next to Lav-C, if male may carry chocolate):$10 each
    1 White Orp: $12
    1 Black ameraucana (smooth): $9

    1 week old Chicks:
    1 red orp: $15
    3 cuckoo orps: $12 each
    3 olive eggers: $10 each
    2 cuckoo orps (lav-c, may carry lavender): $12 each
    2 black orps (lav-c, may carry lavender): $11 each
    3 spangled/mottled orp (M): $15 each
    20 assorted silkies, sizzles, frilkies: $8 each
    3 smooth/frizzled ameraucan project chicks: $9 each
    Day old Chicks: (hatching tomorrow so numbers are a guess at this point:
    3 easter eggers: $7 each
    15 silkie, sizzle, frilkie variety of colors: $8 each
    5 red orps: $14 each
    8 chocolate orps: $14 each
    2 cuckoo orps (may carry lavender): $12 each
    2 black orps (may carry lavender): $9 each
    8 lemon cuckoo orps: $11 each
    2 spangled/mottled Orps: $15 each (Mot pen)
    6 black orps: $9 each (next to Lav-C pen)
    3 white orps: $11 each
    4 smooth/frizzled ameraucana: $8 each

    Shipping cost is $50-70 depending on the order. I will confirm shipping cost when you post SOLD with your order. Please send PM in addition to posting sold below.
    To purchase post SOLD below and send payment to [email protected] including phone number with payment so that i can put it on the box.

    More pics can be found at or
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