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    I have hatching eggs available from all breeds/colors listed below. You may order various colors or just one color up to the maximum listed per order. The maximum numbers are the number that I can collect in the 4 days prior to shipping your order out. Eggs are sold in packs of 10 or 20. Extras are included when available. By placing an order, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. Please contact me for a link to further photos of all breeds or for any questions. [​IMG] I do work full time but I will answer questions as quickly as I can.

    Buff Orpingtons $3 per egg (maximum 20)
    I have an English Buff Orpington Rooster over Clevender/Farthing American Hens as well as some 50/50 English/American hens. Chicks will be 50 to 75% English.

    White Orpingtons $4 per egg. (maximum 6-8)
    I have a combination of several different English White Orpington lines.

    Black Orpingtons $3 per egg. (maximum 10)
    I have an English Black split to Chocolate rooster over English Black hens. I get 25% chocolate chicks which are all female. 50% of the male chicks will be black split to chocolate.

    Lavender/Lavender Cuckoo $6 per egg. (maximum 20)
    I have English Lavender Cuckoo from Fancy Chick as well as English Lavender from Papa's Poultry. I also have an English Cuckoo Orpington hen and two English Black Orpington hens in this pen. Chicks will hatch out solid lavender, lavender cuckoo, black split to lavender, and cuckoo split to lavender. About 75% of the chicks are lavender.

    English Lemon Cuckoo Project. $2.5 per egg (maximum 20)
    $3 I used my beautiful English Buff Rooster over a lemon cuckoo hen to get my beautiful Lemon Cuckoo Rooster. I now have him over some beautiful buff hens from my line. Some of the chicks will be barred and some will be solid buff from this project. Huge fat chicks!

    Lavender Columbian Project: $2.5 per egg (maximum 20)
    I purchased the original chicks from Fancy Chick which were English Columbian Orpingtons. These carried the lavender gene. I am working with this color to develop the Lavender Columbian. I have the rooster over English Columbian hens, a buff columbian hen, and white hens. Some of the females from this project are a very pale gold with lavender neck and tail feathers. Beautiful.

    Plymouth Barred Rock Eggs: $15 for 10 eggs (maximum 20)
    I have hatchery barred rocks for eating egg layers.


    10 Egg pack is $16 for shipping Priority. Express shipping is available for an additional charge.
    20 Egg pack is $20 for shipping Priority. Express shipping is available for an additional charge.

    PACKAGING: Eggs are shipped in foam egg shippers which are included in the shipping cost above. Heat packs are available upon request.

    PAYMENT: Payment will be made via PayPal.

    I am NPIP certified and AI clean in Mississippi.

    DISCLAIMER: There are no guarantees, refunds, or replacements on hatching eggs. Please buy only if you are willing to risk that they may not hatch. During the shipping process, your eggs can be rendered infertile, be damaged during shipping, or subject to temperature extremes. These are issues beyond my control. It is not unusual to have a 50% or less hatch rate with shipped eggs. Please factor this in when purchasing hatching eggs. You will not be given a refund even if you have no chicks hatch.

    Hatching eggs are a cost efficient option compared to buying live birds; however, even the freshest eggs, under ideal conditions don’t always develop and hatch and lack of development does NOT equal infertility. I sell the exact same eggs to you that I would put in my own incubator.
    I am not responsible for a buyer’s incubation techniques. Please understand that fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause poor hatch rates as well as interfere with the normal growth and development of the embryo including abnormal, weak, small, crippled, or malformed chicks. Poor results also occur from improper ventilation, egg turning and sanitation of the machine. These same eggs from the same parent stock are hatched weekly here with no issues.

    I will package your eggs carefully and send extras when available. I will refund for eggs that arrive cracked that are part of your original order. There are no refunds for “extras”. Please provide photographs of the cracked eggs in their original packaging within 48 hours of receiving your eggs to receive a refund for cracked eggs.

    There will be no refund for shipping costs at any time.

    Hatching egg supply is limited so there is no guarantee of availability of replacement eggs. Refunds will be given only for cracked eggs from the original order – no replacements

    See more photos on my farm page - please PM for more information.
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    May 7, 2012
    Big Point, MS
    Sold out on lemon cuckoo project and lavender columbian project for the month of May. Sold out on all colors through May 15.
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    Sent a PM. Do you have any buff or lemon cuckoo eggs available?

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