Buying 4 month old Pullets in September


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This is my first post.

My question is if i purchase 2 pullets from the local feed store tomorrow what is my chances of actually gettings some eggs this year......The weather in South Ga doesn't normally have extreme winters......The pullets are 4 months old Buff Orp.

The local Flea Market here has pullets and Hens....the feed store has 2 hens also.......if i want eggs this year, "fall" before winter is it better to go with the Hens vs the 4 month old Pullets.......Please Help me
If it were me, I would go with the known age pullets. At the local flea market the age of the hens might be questionable. I prefer 3 over 2 - that way if something happens to one there are still two to provide company for one another. With the shortening day length and move to a new home the onset of egg laying might be set back a bit. Good luck at establishing your flok.
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thanks, now figure this in, The care factor as the feed store pullets looks nice healhy and vibrant, the flea market is has quite a few chicks out for sale many different breed, the feed store may have 4 or 5 hens or 4 pullets on any given day, to me they look like they better living conditions.......but the overall question is if i went with the 2 pullets and maybe 1 hen do you think thay will lay by winter or due to fall coming their going to wait until their birthday.....SMH
Unless you are limited in how many chickens you can have, why not cover both bases? Get some younger pullets and a couple hens. IF, you go to' where am I, where are you?' you can locate and post on your state thread and very likely find young and older chickens available. Hatcheries and feed stores aren't the only ones selling chicks, etc.

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