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  1. bren0990

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    Jan 19, 2015
    EBay seems ot have a lot of decent small coop options like this one:

    Has anyone had experinece buying somrhting like this from ebay? All my ebay expereiences in the past have been good but I'm wondering more about the quality of these? I live in newfoundland, Canada so there is really nothing local for me to buy, of course I could build my own but I would have to buy all the materials and tools. I figure buying one might be better for me.

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    Those are kits from China. They tend to be VERY flimsy and don't hold up to weather at ALL. They are also much smaller than they appear (they will hold, MAX, half the # of chickens claimed and frankly, I wouldn't but any large fowl in them). You'd be better off with one of the Snap Lock or Clifton ones you can get from Amazon:

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