Buying Chicks from My Pet Chicken and Meyer Hatchery

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    Jan 7, 2014
    This is my first adventure into chickens! I order 15 mixed chicks. I believe they came from Meyer hatchery in Ohio. They called the day of hatching to say that the Buff Polish did not hatch and if I would like the Silver Lace Polish? I said no problem. They shipped that day and gave me a tracking number! It took two day from Ohio to Del Rio, Tx. I was waiting at the post office this morning before opening and they handed them over to me. They all look great! They are eating and drinking and running around chirping. Only one looks a little slow and a couple of the others are pecking her . Not sure what to do about the pecking? [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Separate the slow one and give her some water with honey/sugar/molasses/agave nectar for energy.
    Do you have any vitamins like sav-a-chick or poly-vi-sol (without iron).
    A slurry of chick starter and plain yogurt will give some pro-biotics.
    Hopefully she'll perk up in a day.
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