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    Jul 23, 2008
    I see alot of eggs for sale on Ebay. Is this safe? I mean, it seems to be risky. Like the eggs could be harmed or something during the shipping.. Am I just over worried?
  2. When shipping the eggs there are many things that can harm the eggs. The yolks could get scrambled, the membrane can rip away from the wall, the air sac can burst. You can get from 0%-100% hatch rates.

    If you order them, tell them not to lable the package "hatching eggs". Just Fragile.
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    Jul 13, 2008
    Williford, AR
    I got 18 eggs off of Ebay, Cochin, frizzle bantam eggs, since alot of my frizzle eggs were infurtile this year.)is my chickens 1st yr) Out of the 18 I bought, 6 developed. Today is day 21. Had 1 hatch out day 19 ( was deformed-lft eye is sunken, lower then rt, skull is misshapen and beak is crooked), and 2 yesterday, the last 3 pipped last night but still haven't hatched out. This is my first year since I was 14, hatching eggs, so I dom't know much, but if there is anything I can answer, PM me. Oh one thing, not sure if this is true or not, but my Guy who's family make their living hatching and selling almost every kind of game bird; chicken, quail, turkey, etc. Has told me not to get any more this yr, that eggs aren't quite as good this late in season. Good Luck!
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  4. Quote:Sounds like your eggs were x-rayed.

    I have been checking my sebright eggs, and every one I have cracked open, have been fertile. So I think eggs are fine late in the season.
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    Jun 13, 2008
    I ordered 6 Golden Penciled Hamburgs off of eBay a few months ago. I got 8. I checked the seller's feedback and it was all good. Of those 8, 2 hatched and are doing well. For a first-timer, I think a 25% hatch rate on eggs shipped from the middle of the country to NC isn't too shabby.

    Now, I am getting a bit more picky though and I will get my next GPH's from a show breeder/APA judge that I found on the net.

    I would just check the seller's feedback. Good luck.
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    Jan 12, 2008
    easley sc
    the heat is a reason to not get eggs shipped now.It is hard ont eh eggs- and many chickens have stopped laying.However I still am trying-just got a new set yesterday! but the shorter they have to go the better.I have sold eggs on ebay-and others here do as well.It is not all bad there- a few good deals from time to time on books and other stuff too.
  7. Guitartists

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    Mar 21, 2008
    The best hatch rate I have gotten so far.... 13 of 16 eggs was shipped in a box clearly marked eggs with a very professional sticker with a pic of a chick on it that said something along the lines of "Please be careful, unhatched babies!"

    I think it really just depends on the route.... I am sure some folks are deliberately hard on fragile boxes, but I think a lot of them would be more careful if they understood WHAT was in the box.
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    Feb 4, 2008
    Venice, Florida
    I have bought eggs - my Delaware's were from E-Bay. They hatched out good I thought - 5 out of 7. I just got 10 turkey eggs and 28 quail from E-Bay. I don't know how well either of these will do. The pheasants I got are from Ova-bid.

    It's pretty limited here in what is available nearby. It's fun to hatch eggs. Its fun to get chicks in the mail too. (Just got guineas and 3 packing peanuts). My post office is really nice and called at 6:45 to get me my chicks and keets and are really good about getting "fragile" packages to me.

    I will say this, the eggs that I have received were extremely well packed. Styrofome packing p-nuts, bubble wrap, in little egg cartons, etc. And the eggs have arrived in perfect condition- from looking at them.
  9. WRBH

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Williford, AR
    Last 3 hatched today NP. Are all adorable. The box they came in had stickers on every side, top and bottom. they were each marked fragile, do not shake, do not x-ray, fragile-hatching eggs call (my number) immediatly upon arrival. Not sure what the lady cold have done to have made it more clear.
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