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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by TLWR, Jan 14, 2014.

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    Jul 10, 2010
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    Since I got the ducks a few years ago, I've only had to buy eggs a few times - once when everybody was molting and not laying.
    And now. I've not had eggs in months. I have no clue where they are laying. Chickens were laying in the turtle pen and their hut, but that stopped after we broke a broody chicken and I took the eggs from the turtle pen.
    Ducks - no clue. I'm sure they are laying in the woods somewhere and the dogs are enjoying their egg finds, but the woods aren't really searchable, so I can't find them.
    Leaving the ducks locked up a bit longer on weekends doesn't leave us eggs.
    4 runners and 1 welsh harlequin
    2 buff orpingtons, 1 rock, 1 polish (I've seen ONE of her eggs)

    They free range, but thinking about maybe constructing a pen that they can hang in until egg laying time is over and let them out after that - but not sure how to make that happen so they can get out and the dogs don't get in to get the eggs out of the huts.
    I can't imagine being penned up after free ranging for so long, so I don't really want to pen them... but I want eggs again!
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    One thing I do to help with the penning - where we are free ranging is not an option because of wandering domestics as well as the usual predators - is the floor of the pen is really a layer of nice compost (duck poo and straw and leaves mostly) that draws worms and gives them something to forage in. I have also started giving them fodder as treats in the pen - they love it and it makes the pen a wonderful place to be. Of course, there are three swim pans as well.

    They know it's the safe place. They can get bored if they are in there a while, but there are worse things than temporarily bored duckies.

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