Buying hatching eggs on ebay?


10 Years
Feb 10, 2009
What`s your experience with buying eggs on ebay?Do you reccomend it?Would you get some eggs again?

I`m in Hawaii.I found out that some sellers on ebay are able to ship eggs to Hawaii.I think this is my last bet.Do you knowany farms or breeders that can ship to Hawaii?I think they have to have some sort of certificate and have the OK with the HDOA.
My experience with Ebay has been pretty good but I only hatch for fun.
If I took breed claim seriously than I'd be upset like many others here.

I'd try buying eggs from a BYC member on the West coast and having
them airmailed.

Egg shiiping cost will be your biggest issue. Are you sure there are no
breeders on the islands? There must be chickens there.
There are breeders here in the state but I have trouble finding them...LOL!The breeds that I am looking for are not really sold here also.

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