Buying Marans at Purely Poultry?

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    Sep 16, 2011
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    Looking for advice... AFTER the fact. I am very excited to have just purchased some black copper marans from purely poultry. I thought I did my research & felt this looked like a very reputable source. I was extremely pleased with the customer service & am excited to get my birdies in a month.
    My main concern was that they're straight run & I didn't want to pay $18 a bird for what could result in all roosters. So, I posted an ad on CraigsList to share the roosters once I know which ones are roosters since I only really want a couple of those.
    I received a negative response to my post by someone who had had a bad experience whereby all but 2 chicks died & they are still waiting for the issue to be resolved.
    Please tell me this is an uncommon occurrence with PurelyPoultry as it's a very expensive learning experience from a small farmer.

    PS. I know there are LOTS of threads about marans & PurelyPoultry on here but they are all so long I didn't have the time to go through all of them. Thanks!

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    Hi Amy,

    The marans that we sell are a reputable source. The birds are bred specifically for the consistent very dark egg color and the parent stock has won many show awards. I personally deal with every Black Copper Maran order that is placed with Purely Poultry. We have had very few losses on shipments. They are healthy, packed very well, and sent express mail. I have received nothing but positive response regarding the quality of these birds. I can think of 1 shipment where there was a significant loss, but it was due to a postal error and we reshipped more birds the following week.

    Purely Poultry does have a live arrival guarantee on everything that we sell. We cover receipt to 24 hours and will refund for any that do not make it alive and well.

    I hope this helps answer some of your questions.

    Thank you,

    Purely Poultry
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  3. T-Amy

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    Sep 16, 2011
    Woodhull, NY
    I am very happy to hear this- I was hoping that was an anomaly & have been nothing but satisfied with your service.
    My only other concern is the fear of getting all or mostly roosters- any help with that?

    I am so excited to receive these new babies & again, thank you for your time with me. Your customer service & help with me has been greatly appreciated!
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    Hi Megan,
    There is one thing you can do to help the birds thru any travel stress they might experience before they reach you. Travel stress is something the seller cannot predict and we all worry about. Despite our best efforts, postal delays, and misdirected shipments, etc, do happen. I have seen a number of folks ordering chicks (not from Purely Poultry) this year and despairing when the chicks started dying. I am convinced a majority of these losses are due to travel stress. That's not the seller's fault.
    It is something you can mitigate. For years I have used Bovidr Labs products on my dogs and poultry. The products are top notch and really do what they say. PoultryNutri-Drench is an emergency nutritional supplement especially made for those times when stress compromises a creatures ability to uptake nutrients or stabilize their metabolism. I love this product. It is wonderful for dealing with travel stress, new hatched chicks, broody hens, show birds. Any time a bird's environment or health causes challenges to it's well-being.
    Poultry Nutri-Drench can be bought on-line and at Tractor Supply. It is very concentrated. Just put in their water for the first few days after they arrive and are adjusting to their new environment. Also give 1 drop to each bird by mouth when they arrive. The neat thing about Bovidr Labs products is that they don't need digested. They are absorbed thru the mouth, tongue and throat, in addition to the stomach. This makes them the perfect help for creatures whose G.I. tract is compromised by stress or lack of well-being. It is especially good for bringing back creatures who have low blood sugar. In 15 minutes, it can bring back a puppy who is in seizures from low blood sugar.
    The $10.00 bottle, which is 4 oz., is plenty for your needs. The folks at Bovidr Labs are very knowledgeable and have all dosages, if you need help with that, right at hand.
    I am a huge fan. Here is their website:
    Best Success,
    Waterford English Light Sussex
    in western PA
    Just talked to Bovidr Labs. They no longer make the 8 oz. bottle with the pump. They make the 4 oz. bottle with dropper and the qt. bottle which has a cap.
    For chicks, they reaffirm one drop by mouth upon arrival. Then 2 cc per gallon of water in the chicks water for the next 2 weeks. ( one will probably need the qt. bottle to supplement for 2 weeks, it depends on how many chicks one has). Bovidr said it does say 4 cc per gallon on the bottle, however, if the chicks won't drink that strong of solution, 2 cc per gallon works just fine. If one is using less than a gallon waterer, then change the PND/warer ratios accordingly.
    Places to buy Poultry Nutri-Drench
    best price for 4 oz.
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    Just a quick fact about Marans..........Marans is always Marans with an "s" matter if you have 1 Marans or 200 Marans.

    Good luck with your birds and I am sure you will enjoy Marans...they are a lovely breed of chooks!
  6. T-Amy

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    Sep 16, 2011
    Woodhull, NY
    Thanks- I adore my cuckoo's & can't wait for the Black coppers. My Marans are my nicest birds...

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