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  1. what is a good asking price for an adult call duck? I would like to traid my snowey call hen for a call hen of any other color because my drake is snowey & my other hen is snowey & I want somthing diffrent, but I think I might end up selling her & buying a call.
    I was going to put a picture of the three of them here but I dont know how...
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    Oct 3, 2008
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    Depends on where you are and the demand for calls.

    Is she still young?
    Is her coloring true?

    If yes to both, I'd probably get $15 to $20 for her here in eastern Ohio. Demand for them is decent.

    I sold ducklings for $8 each. Some get $10 each.

    On coloring, though, if you want to sell ducklings, you may be better off with keeping a flock of all of one color.
  3. She will be two years old in the spring... I dont know about her coloring, When I bought them I was told they were more breeder quality than show quality but I dont know why. I dont show them excpt at the fair each year where color dosnt matter at all. I do hatch there eggs but I dont care what colors come out.
    I bought the trio for $50.00 so IDK how much a single sells for
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    call ducks do well in could just pick up a hen of another color somewhere.
  5. I HAVE 2 ducks & a drake, all are Snowey in color, thats why im looking to trade for a diffrent color. and again is the question what is a good price to buy a call for?
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    I will buy the calls

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