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  1. Im thinking about going to a show on Sept. 28th. They have a large area with people selling their birds.

    I want to get some Silkies. I would like to get a Black cockeral, and a blue and a splash pullet. Then I plan on hatching the eggs from them in the spring.

    How much is a cockeral and a pullet? of good quality?

    Also, how much would a good quaility white cockeral and 2 white pullets cost?
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  2. silkiechicken

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    That might vary a lot depending on where you are, and what is being sold and their quality which can be subjective. I'd say anywhere between 50 and a few hundred each.
  3. That is going to vary from bird to bird and breeder to breeder. I've paid anywhere from $10 up to $75 for a cockeral. And I've seen hen's go from $20 up to $600, and on the rare occasion, I've seen a hen go for $1200. Just depends on the quality you can afford, and the breeder your buying from.
  4. That is crazy! I cant believe that somebody would pay more than $200.00 for a hen. Jheeze! lol

    Hopefully I can find good quality silkies for a cheap price. [​IMG]
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    Mar 5, 2008
    I think the best way to get good quality lines for a good price is to hatch your own eggs. Maybe not what you want to hear time-wise, but I find this to be the best way. Good luck [​IMG]
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    Quote:are you talking about that lavender silkie? didn't she go for $1200. that was insane.
  7. Quote:I tried I got two batched of 8 eggs. 1st batch only 2 were fertile, 1 hatched and was deformed. 2nd batch 3 were fertile, 1 egg died during the first 3-4 days of incubation.

    Then I got 21 eggs. 2 were cracked, and it looks that 4-6 are fertile. I guess I will try again in the spring. I think with the hot temperatures the males werent doing their job. Im also going to look at my local fair to see if there are any nice silkies for sale.
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    i loved that lavender silkie..... but my wallet went....[​IMG]
  9. Quote:Well there was that one too. But a friend of mine once sold a white hen for something like $1100.
  10. Quote:Either buy hatching eggs (pick them up if you can, shipping reduces your chances of a good hatch)


    Buy a cull from a professional breeder. Often times good breeders will have NICE birds but are considered culls. I know one breeder who will cull if the color of the eyes are off by a few shades!! Culls are an EXCELLENT way to start your own lines. Usually, the culls from a professional breeder are extremely affordable, and make excellent starter birds. They may have loose wings, improper toe spacing, smaller top knots, they eyes may not be dark enough, the comb may be a little big or too small, and any other number of minor things. Just ONE of these things will render a bird UN-showable in a breeders eyes, but will make an EXCELLENT breeder bird in another persons opinion.

    And dont let the word "cull" scare you. Just because a bird has a little improper toe spacing, doesn't mean it can't throw show quality chicks. The trick is to start with "culls" and hatch a generation of chicks. From that generation you take the BEST of the BEST and breed those back and get a second generation. Then you take the BEST of the BESt of the second generation and breed them back. Over time and over a few generations, you get better and better birds and suddenly you realize how invaluable that "cull" was.....

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