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Apr 11, 2020
Between Italy and Slovenia
Hi, I was searching for a poultry net on Amazon and I found that I can buy an used (almost new) one instead of a new. At first I wanted to buy the used, because it's a lot cheaper, but then I thought that I don't know if that net has been used by a person who had a flock infected by some diseases that survive a lot of time, like Marek's.
So... It's safe to buy used poultry nets (and also other things like waterers, feeders, etc.) or they can carry diseases to my flock?
Also, I wanted to use it to creating temporary pastures, for example for quarantining new chickens. What will happen if a quarantined chicken get sick? Will I need to throw away all the things (net, coop, waterers, feeders...)? Or I can stay safe just disinfecting everything before using these things for other chickens?
Thank you
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Callender Girl

Sep 18, 2018
North Central Iowa
I don't know about the net or how to disinfect it efficiently, but I have certainly purchased used accessories -- feeders and waterers -- as well as a used coop. I disinfect everything and have never had a problem.

The last set of accessories came from someone I knew, and she washed everything with a bleach water solution before she sold them.

My avatar coop, which I bought from someone I didn't know, was more of a project to clean. , I spent a few days washing, letting it dry, spraying it with various solutions, letting it dry and then crossing my fingers that I'd done enough.

I think thorough cleaning and disinfecting makes used stuff safe and attractive.

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