By jove! I think I've got it!!!!!!!!!!1111


11 Years
Mar 3, 2008
Raymond Maine
This is my first breeding of Sebastopol geese. A gray male to white female. The result was 3 smooth breasted lavender and my beautiful gray Zoey! I am proud of her!

You cannot believe how hard it is to research the genetics on the breeding of geese! I am doing this the hard way-by guess and by gosh. I will be nice enough to share my results!
Poodle or Goose! I hope I have at least 1 gray hatch out of the 3 in the bator-If they hatc hthey will be for sale!
I am so glad to hear that someone is interested-I've had a heck of a time getting info on quality breeding of rare geese. Colors especially, as this seems to be a new field in breeding over the last few years. Holderreads has at least answered my emails.
That's my big fasincation with quail (or well any animal in general) is color genetics. So any of your findings (i advise keeping written records of info to help you and others in the future--worked for me in the past---i actaully plan on making pedigrees for my birds with colors listed under each parents name so I can keep track--might be something you'd want to do)! Keep it up, i may not be into geese right now but i may be someday and i love sebastopol geese so any info you find may help me and others in the future!
I have the siblings looking for homes. There are 3 which I sexed to be female, however by genetics should be male-who knows? they act like females! They are lavender splash. I will sell 2 of them for $35.00 ea or a reasonable offer (or barter?) For anyone who can pick them up or meet me at a reasonable distance. They have genetics for breeding wonderful fluffies and I WILL SHARE ALL INFO I HAVE ACQUIRED For breeding them. They also are very sweet and spoiled for great pets!


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