By no means do I consider myself a skinny-minnie...

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    May 2, 2010
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    So I went out and bought me some fabric, and a skirt pattern. I have been getting into sewing lately and really enjoy it. I thought I had gotten the correct size pattern, but when i get home and start looking at the measurements.... [​IMG] UGH!!!!!! I buy all my clothes size 20 and so I thought a size 20 pattern would be relatively the same, maybe a few minor adjustements here and there, not to bad. Measure myself and look at the stupid packaging again... 16 inches difference!!!!!! [​IMG] Really?!?! I have been going to the gym lately, and well, I'm not going to lie I still eat pretty horrible.. [​IMG] But I have been feeling so good! and my pants are looser!! and now this!!! really!?! really? sigh. It's an easy pattern and a quick fix, so it's not a HUGE deal, just somewhat frustrating when I thought I was doing better. Lame.[​IMG]
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    It's not you. Promise.

    Pattern sizes haven't changed since the 50's, but off the rack sizing has. There didn't used to be a size 2, now there's a size 00. Many women pick clothes based off the number on the tag, and the waist/hip/bust measurment is large in inches compaired to the number on the tag (which is why when you go shopping for vintage clothes you must try them on). Example, when I sew I need a large pattern, but when i buy off the rack i'm a medium/small.
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    May 26, 2009
    I totally understand..Dont feel bad, they are messing with the sizing....

    I hate all the weird sizes the manufacturers put out there. It wasnt enough to have small, medium, and large, then the regular size's like 4, 6, 8, etc. Some of them have odd numbers, some even numbers, THEN we had to start dealing with jeans coming in the new numbers like 23, 32, 44- I still wont even try those on, I just dont get it!

    Not to mention those manufacturer's using vanity sizing- (not that I mind the confidence boost) but, seriously, a size 6 today is a far cry from a size 6 fifteen years ago. How are we supposed to know what size to buy? With my 5 kids, I would love to just be able to see some cute jeans, check the tag and toss it in the cart- not have to go through the struggle of corralling 5 other people into the tiny changing booth while trying to get undressed and all the while I have kids trying to escape by any means possible- under the door, into the next booth (picture women next to me freaking out as my toddler becomes a peeping tom) or they just go for the little lock and head on out, regardless of mommy trying desperatly to pull up the supposedly size 8 jeans that are, in actuality, obviously made for an anorexic girraffe. [​IMG]

    Congrats on making your own skirt! I hope to learn to sew someday and one day make cute outfits for my future grandkids like my mom does for my kids now.
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    Quote:This. It's just old style sizing, so be nice to yourself [​IMG]

    Have fun making your skirt! I have had the sewing bug starting to creep up on me, it may be time to play.
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    Jan 11, 2010
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    i've gained about 28 pounds since august. i'm lazy, eat like crap, and don't work anymore lol. i can't find an exercising buddy (i need motivation plus i hate being alone i've watched too many bad movies lol) any who.. i do sit ups every morning. my mom hasn't been doing anything, drinks water during the day and rum and coke every night, eats the same crap i do and she's losing weight [​IMG] wellll i had to go shopping cuz i didn't fit into my size 1-3 jeans and i tried on a 9. i nearly cried lol. well now those 9's barely fit but i went shopping again and found a 7 that are like the perfect jeans you dream about finding. soo i agree they are messing with sizes. i think it depends on the brand.
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    Mar 11, 2010
    You don't see this with men's clothes sizes much. That may be because men's clothes are sized by measurement, not some obscure number. If they would measure women's clothes like that then there would be less confusion about all of it.
    For pants, it's inseam and waist, or for low rise you can use hips I guess. Shirts would be arm length, shoulder width, bust and waist, depending on the style of shirt. Skirts would need waist/hip size and length of the skirt.
    Men and Women are not made from cookie cutter sizing patterns, and clothing companies should take that into account.

    I have recently taken up sewing things for myself and I tried making a corset style top (not an actual corset as I like my organs where they are). I thought I had the right size but when I tried it on it fit fine around my hips and was loose on my chest. I took the chest in little by little until it fit as well as it was going to. I'm going to have to modify any pattern for snug fitting clothes which I'm not too happy about.

    The one clothing size that bugs me the most is bra size. They change the sizing based on sales. If you tell a B cup woman she's a C cup she's likely to buy more bras because she feels better about herself. If you actually measure her though, she is still a B cup. I am in no way a D size girl, but I can wear D size bras without issue. I want to get a proper fitting done and buy a bunch of right sized bras but I just can't afford that right now.

    Another thing I have noticed is that apart from the initial cost of buying a sewing machine, making your own clothes can be much cheaper than buying them now-a-days.
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    And when you consider that Marilyn Monroe wore a size 14 in the 60's - today that would be a 4.
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    I have found the best way to lose weight is to eat several small meals a day and about a gallon of water. I lost 48lbs in 11 weeks this way. I also hit the gym 4-5 times a week and did ONLY cardio. Started out walking, then settled on the elliptical.

    Try some supplements and smaller meals. PM me and I will give you my meal plan. Im not selling anything, just to let you know what worked for me. I have no hunger issues and a lot of energy. Not a Caffeine energy, just a sustained "let's keep moving" energy. I take a few supplements and with my meals - I only spend $125/month for food. I can feed myself for $4.00/day INCLUDING all my meals. I have now gotten to where I can have "cheat meals" but I find that my body feels lousy after I eat out or break from the normal routine. Ill cheat and have some pizza but then im good for another week or so. I just dont crave the "junk" like I used to.

    Good luck
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    May 8, 2007
    I've always wished that women's clothes were sized more like men's clothes. Or that I was a man. I want easier, less time-consuming shopping, comfortable shoes and pockets! [​IMG]

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