BYC Article Writing Contest #1 - 2012 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED


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Contest has ended. Winners announced here.

Short Version: Write a great article and you could win a $30 or $15 Amazon Gift Card & have your article featured on the homepage of BYC!

Detailed Version:
We are constantly amazed at how knowledgeable and helpful our community members are! The BYC forum provides a wonderful opportunity for members to post questions and reply with answers. Unfortunately a lot of really amazing information can get lost in the super activity on the forum.

Over the years we’ve received a ton of requests to add more articles & FAQ’s to our Learning Center. Our BYC Coop Page Contests have been super successful and now we have over 900 chicken coop pages in our Coop Designs section! Hopefully we can have similar success with this BYC Article Contest!!

The Process:

  1. Our members write articles
  2. Once we have at least 30 submissions we’ll set an end date for the contest (at least 1 week notice)
  3. We’ll judge the articles & pick winners
  4. The 2 best articles will get a $30 Amazon Gift Card & have their articles “Featured” on the homepage of BYC for at least 1 week each
  5. The 2nd set of 3 best articles will get a $15 Amazon Gift Card & have their articles “Featured” on the homepage of BYC for at least 3 days each

How To Enter:

  1. Pick a chicken related topic. We suggest writing an article that is not already covered in our Learning Center, but is a topic that would be a good addition to one of the sections in the Learning Center
  2. Visit the Member Pages section & Click the “Add a Learning Center Article” button
  3. Create a well worded & detailed title. Example: “How To Raise & Process Chickens for Meat - Tips & Pictures” is much better than: “Meat Chickens
  4. Write a unique high quality article with around 750 words (more is fine as long as it is good / helpful info). It must have at least one picture relative to the subject. Bonus points if you add more pics (pictures are usually worth 1,000 words, but in this contest they are worth about 10 - 50
  5. Post a reply to this thread with a link to your article(s)


  1. All articles must be posted in the Member Pages section
  2. All articles must be written by you and must be unique (not copied from other sources)
  3. Sorry, previously written articles and pages will not count for this contest.
  4. All articles must contain accurate information, and must be a minimum of 500 words, and should contain pictures relative to the subject matter
  5. Please spell check your article(s)
  6. BYC retains full license of articles submitted
  7. At least 30 articles need to be submitted before the contest ends
  8. Contest Submissions Must Be Entered By Sunday 3/4/2012
  9. Contest is void where prohibited

How to determine what to write - To get your creative juices flowing, check out:
  1. The “General Chicken Questions” list
  2. The list of Chicken FAQ’s asked by our members (see below). You could combine a handful of similar questions and detailed answers into a single article
  3. You can also look through the different sections of the forum for questions and topics often asked

Here are some ideas of articles that could to be written:
  • Where To Buy Backyard Chickens, Baby Chicks, And Hatching Eggs
  • Local Laws & Ordinances – Things to verify & check before getting started
  • How to choose a chicken breed for your backyard flock
  • Types of chicken bedding materials – pros & cons
  • Keeping your chickens & coop cool in the heat
  • Top 15 things to consider when designing your chicken coop
  • 10 ways to make cleaning your chicken coop easier
  • 10 of the most common injuries to backyard chickens
  • Top 10 “Eating Eggs” FAQ’s
  • … and any other ideas that come to your mind for helpful articles!

Here are some great examples of existing BYC articles:

We look forward to your submissions!!

(Wait, you’re not the writing type? If you have an idea for an article that you’d like to see someone write, please reply with a sample title and a quick description of what you’d like to see in the article.)

Do Differently-Colored Eggs Taste Different? Do I Need To Have A Light In The Coop?
How Can I Keep My Chickens Out Of My Garden? How Do I Keep Them Cool In This Heat?
How Can You Tell If They Are Male Or Female? How Much Ventilation Should I Give Them?
How Do You Know The Chicken Is Young Or Old? What Type Of Litter Should I Use In Coop/Run?
What Other Animals Can Coexist With Chickens Can You Use Cedar Shavings In The Coop?
Why Are My Chickens Losing Their Feathers? What Type Of Floor To Have In My Coop
Will My Chickens Destroy My Veggie Garden? Can You Keep Chicks On Shavings?
Do Chickens HAVE To Roost At Night? Why? How Do I Keep My Chickens Water From Freezing?
What Plants Can I Grow In My Chicken Run How Can I Keep My Chicken's Water Cleaners?
Can Chicken Food Be Given Free-Choice? Which Food Is The Best For An Adult Chicken?
How Many Hens Do You Need Per Rooster? How Long Do I Need To Feed Chick Starter?
Can Chickens Live With Cats And Dogs? At What Age Can I Give My Chicks Grit?
Can Hens Lay Eggs Without A Rooster? Is It Okay For My Hen To Eat Bugs?
Can I Feed My Chickens Table Scraps? How Do You Feed Chickens Properly?
Do Can You Only Have One Rooster? Must I Always Use Medicated Feed?
How Loud And Stinky Are Chickens? At What Age Can I Feed Treats?
How To Trim Toenails And Wings? Do Chicks Really Need Grit?
Will A Rooster Protect My Hens? Do I Feed Scratch?
What Is The Purpose Of Combs? Can You Catch Anything From Chickens (Diseases)
What Is A Free Range Chicken What Is Coccidiosis, And How Can I Prevent It?
What Is The Latest News On Biosecurity? What Causes Pasty Butt And How Do You Fix It?
What Kind Of Chick Will I Get If I Cross Breed? How Do I Detect And Treat Chicken Parasites
Draw And Describe The Type Of Comb In Poultry What Is The Dosage Of Corid In Chickens?
How Many Eggs Will I Get From Whatever Breed? How Do You Dispose Of A Chickens Body?
What Breeds Of Chickens Lay The Most Eggs? What Vaccinations Do Chickens Require?
What Would Be The Best Dual Purpose Breed? What Does An Egg Bound Hen Look Like?
Explain That Bantam Is A Size Not A Breed How Do I Control Mites And Or Fleas?
What Are Some Quiet/Kind Rooster Breeds. What Is DE, And What Is It Used For?
What Breeds Can Be Kept In Cold Weather? Do I Need To Deworm And If So, How?
What Are Breeds That Tend To Go Broody? How Do You Treat An Egg Bound Hen?
What Breeds Are The Best Egg Producers? How Do You Treat An Impacted Crop?
Which Breeds Do Well In Cold Climates? How Do You Treat A Prolapsed Hen?
How Many Breeds Of Chicken Are There? Do They Have Cocci, How To Treat
Which Breeds Do Well In Hot Climates? Common Ailments And Treatments
Which Breeds Are The Best Foragers? Do You Have To Worm Chickens?
What Color Will It Be As An Adult? How Do I Treat Coccidiosis?
Which Breeds Are The Best Layers? Where Do I Go For Vet Care?
What Color Does ___ Breed Lay? What Do I Do If My Chicken Is Bitten By A Dog?
What Makes Chickens Frizzled? How Does One Deal With An Agressive Rooster?
Which Breeds Are Very Hardy? How Do You Prevent Comb Frostbite?
What Are Rare Breeds How Do You Treat An Open Wound?
How Do I Get/Raise A Nice Rooster? How Do I Control Insects In My Coop?
What Temperature/Humidity Do The Eggs Need? Are Cats Dangerous To My Flock?
How Long Do Chicken Take In An Incubator? Why Do Chickens Necks Get Bare Before They Molt?
How Can I Tell When An Egg Is Fertile? How Do I Get My Chickens To Use The Roost Bar?
Should Lockdown Start On Day 18 Or 19? How Do I Get Chicks (Or Chickens) To Like Me?
To Help Or Not Help A Pipped Chick? Why Won't They Go In The Coop On Their Own?
How Do I Keep Sane While Incubating? Why Doesn't My Chicken Sleep In Her Nest?
How Often Should I Turn The Eggs? Why Are My Chickens Panting Are They OK?
Can You Sucessfully Hatch An Egg In An Egg? Why Are My Chickens Pecking Each Other?
Do I Help Chicks Hatch? Do Chickens Founder Like Horses Will?
How Much Space Do I Need Per Chick In My Brooder? Why Do Chickens Have A Pecking Order?
When Do I Switch My Birds Over To Layer Feed? Are My Chickens Afraid Of The Dark?
Can A Hen Go Broody On Unfertile Eggs? Why Does My Chicken Get So Dirty?
Brooding Outdoors, Size Of Brooder Why Is My Rooster In The Nestbox?
How Do You Care For A Broody Hen? When Do Roosters Genreally Crow?
How Often Do Chickens Go Broody? How Often Do Chickens Molt?
Can You Encourage Broodiness? Are Chickens Good Flyers?
How Can I Break A Broody Hen? How Do You Prevent Fights
Can You Move A Broody? Are All Roosters Mean?
What Is A Broody Hen? Why Do Roosters Crow?
When Do I Take The Heat Lamp Away From My Chicks? How Many Hens For A Family Of Four? Five? Six?
When Can My Chicks Go Out For The First Time? At What Age Do Chickens Slow Down Laying?
What Treats Can I Feed Them As Chicks? At What Age Will My Pullets Start To Lay?
How Often Can I Handle My Chicks? How Do I Increase Winter Egg Production?
Why Don't My Chicks Like Treats? How Do I Make Sure They Lay In The Coop?
Why Is My Chick Not Growing? How Do I Get My Hen To Lay In Nest Box
HOW MUCH RUN SPACE DO I NEED FOR X # OF CHICKENS? My Hen Doesn't Lay Every Day, Why Not?
Can I Use Chicken Wire To Build My Coop And Run? How Often Does A Chicken Lay An Egg?
How Big Does My Coop Have To Be Per Chicken How Do I Tell Which One Is Laying?
How Many Square Feet Does One Chicken Need? Why Doesnt This Egg Have A Shell
How Big Should The Coop And Run Be? Do Crossbreeds Still Lay Well?
Chicken Tractor Vs. Permanent Coop How Are Eggs Made?
How Thick Does The Roost Have To Be? How Old Is Too Old To Process A Chicken For Meat?
How High Does The Roost Have To Be? How Long Until You Can Eat A Full Grown Chicken?
How Wide Should My Roosts Be? What Do I Need To Process A Chicken At Home?
How Many Nesting Boxs Per Chicken Do I Need? When Should I Process Extra Roosters?
How Big Do The Nesting Boxes Need To Be What Makes Egg Shells Different Colors?
How Can You Make Your Own Coop? Are Fertile Eggs Edible?

Submissions as of 3/8/12

~Six tips on breaking your egg eater~
Dealing with Broodies - A complete guide to dealing with broody hens!
Complete Guide ~ Dealing With All Things Broody
The 8 Comb Types
Taking the plunge--getting my own chickens. Where do I begin?
How to integrate your chicken flock the easy way
The Garry Farm - How Our Eggs Are Wrapped, Packed And Shipped
10 Health Precautions for Backyard Chicken Owners
How to Care for and Heal an Injured Chicken
How to care for baby chick dietary issues
How to Process a Chicken at Home
Raising your baby chicks
Leg Bands- Leg Banding Your Chickens
Keeping your chickens healthy
some ways to keep your flock
How To Keep Your Flock Happy
Interesting Facts About Chicken Eggs
So You Want a Colorful Egg Basket!
Understanding the USDA Processing Exemptions
The Emotional Side of Chicken Processing
Using Older Chickens for Meat Purposes
Comparison of Breeds and Ages of Chickens for Meat
Raising Chickens on a Shoestring
Tips for Taming Game Breed Chicks
How To Raise a Chicken As a Family Pet
How to secure a chicken pen from predators
Deciding to free range your flock
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Great question! I think we won't require peeps to post which topics they will be writing about. The most important thing is that peeps post a reply here with a link to their article once they are done!


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I finished my article, but I can't find the 'add a learning center article' place...could anybody help me? Sorry to be a bother.


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My Coop
Good question! For this contest we're gonna stick with chicken related articles, but I think it would be a goo suggestion for future contests to maybe include other poultry!


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I hope someone does one on broodies, including having the mama raise the chicks in with the flock. I know we have the folks here who could do this, and it's a need I've felt we had for a while.

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