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    I'm a librarian, actually my job title is Programming Librarian. I have a Master's Degree in Information and Library Science. Librarians today do so much more than promote literacy and a love of reading. We also work to build a community, encourage learning, and provide programs. My job is to create, develop, promote, and provide programming to meet the needs of our local community. So, I thought we could start our own BYC book club. It would be a great place for us to meet and greet one another, to discuss literature, to share authors, series, and titles of books you are reading. We could even agree to read and discuss a book together. I/we could offer suggestions for books on specific topics or for children, teens, seniors, or adults. I'm game for whatever! Everyone is welcome and I hope that we can help to spread the joy that books can bring!

    So to start things off I want to mention one of my favorite series--
    Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs.
    Mercy is a shape-shifter, she turns into a coyote. She was raised by a pack of werewolves, and has friends who are Fae (aka fairies) and vampires. The book covers look really racy, but Mercy really isn't as portrayed. The series has is little profanity and it leaves much to the imagination so the content isn't what I would call explicit. It would be OK for older teens. As with any book series, I recommend that parents read the books beforehand so they can discuss any content issues with their child.

    So, who's next? Tell us about what you are reading.
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  2. The 39 Clues! It's a great read if you like mystery, action, a little romance, and silliness combined!

    It's about a brother and sister, named Amy and Dan Cahill, who are orphans and are on a hunt for 39 clues that are hidden around the world. They were sent on the quest by their grandmother, Grace Cahill, before she died. They have to race against their cousins, who will stop at nothing to win, and find all of the clues. When all of the clues are found, they will be the most powerful family in the world.

    A little about the characters:

    Amy is 14, smart, very caring, loves to do research (which helps in the hunt).

    Dan is 11, smart, has photographic memory, silly, but solves most of the clues.

    Nellie Gomez is the "au pair", she guides Amy and Dan in the travels.

    Irina Spansky, Amy and Dan's cousin, trained by the KGB, after the clues.

    Ian and Natalie Kabra, other cousins, very rich, after the clues.

    Jonah Wizard, cousin, mega popstar, after the clues.

    The Holts, a family of rough, tough, not-so-bright, cousins of Amy and Dan, after the clues.

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