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Sep 22, 2012
It is the hours of daylight and not vitamin D level. You can give them supplemental light in the winter to make them lay eggs but that is not usually necessary for first year pullets.

They will usually still start laying eggs but later than normal.
I have been breeding and raising my own chickens (various breeds and mixes) for 20+ years now, and never had my pullets at POL ransacking the nest boxes for weeks without actually starting to lay.
The weather has been crazy this year and I believe it to be the reason.

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Good morning and thanks for the coffee! We have snow flurries for tomorrow and then nice weather again. DH and I chipped the slash from the tree that blew down and moved the splitter back up to the house to deal with our pile of logs now. I have some firewood to deliver today and then go get my Azure delivery. Enjoy the day you all!


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Good morning Cafe. Coffee is ready.
It's a nippy 44 out with a drizzly rain. It isn't going to get much warmer either. High is expected to be 48 today.
Thanks for the coffee!
It is 46F here this morning and I am at work in shorts and a polo shirt. It is funny to see the parkas out here already!

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