BYC college students or hopefuls?


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Apr 12, 2011
Portland, OR
Anyone out there trying to get into a college or currently going through college?

I worked from age 18-23 full time and now I'm 26 and just finished my associates degree. Work part time. Got accepted into the college I wanted to finish my last two years. I'm still late to the game. Anyways, I have seen other BYC college people, I know I can't be the only one.

How is your school going? what are your prospects?
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May 28, 2009
South Central, PA
I'm graduating from a University next Friday. I am an Independent Studies Major, with a focus in Visual Communications and Business. This week is finals week and I have one class that I really need to get a good grade in to pass it. I have been studying like crazy, so I hope it pays off.

Right now, I have no jobs lined up, I have sent in a few resumes, and have people with their "feelers" out. I babysit twice a week so I have some money coming in, but I really would like to get a real job soon.

ETA: I'm also studying to take the GMAT right now, but that won't be happening for another couple months.
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Mar 5, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
I graduated in December 2011 from undergrad with a BS in Biology. Since then I've been working full time as an EMT making some money to save for my next big adventure. I didn't want to get committed to a more long term job because I knew I wanted to continue school. I don't really like the job I have now (managers are terrible and abuse their employees) but I've been able to save a good amount while living at home.

During this "break" I applied to vet schools. I wasn't reall expecting to get in this year, but sure enough I got two interviews and an acceptance to Cornell! So that's where I will be starting in August. I just chose my apartment and will probably be moving over the summer at some point. A lot of the other people starting are just finishing undergrad now, so I am a bit older than them. I had to stay an extra semester at college to fit in some classes. I'm 24 now, so it's not too bad. I am definitely glad I had time to work and save money though. That will pay for my first year's living expenses and will save me some money on loans!
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Feb 18, 2013
Music City, USA
I work for a university so I "go to college" every day if that counts? A perk of my job is free tuition so I occasionally take classes if something that interests me comes along. Most recently I took a course called "Pesticides and the Environment" which was an interesting class except that the teacher used the book Silent Spring as the primary text and while it is a historically important book, it is not a good representation of modern pesticide practices. I managed an A in the class and to get invited as a guest lecturer for the following semester though.

Mrs. HandsomeRyan is working on her PhD right now and should have it in a year or 18 months from now. She already has a bachelors in ecology and a master of animal science. I'm very proud of her.

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