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Dec 7, 2008
Ok, I'm not sure where to put this thread so please move it if you think it should be moved.

Hello Dorking lovin peeps! Our first order of business is a mission statement. Here's my idea:
"To propagate the love for and awareness of the Dorking breed, to help keep the breed from extinction, and to educate others."
So discuss! I don't know if any of the "members" will see this post, but oh well.

I just want to say that this is not really a "club." Anybody can "join"(which is just letting us know they are in so I can PM them a little newsletter) and anybody can "unjoin" and it is just some people on BYC who are passionate about the same breed. You don't even have to raise Dorkings! I just wanted to make sure we didn't get labled as a "click" or something.

Ok, that's all...
I love my Bantam Dorkings! I started out with the most friendliest chicken I have ever had, Sweet Pea, a Bantam Silver Grey Dorking. When I lost her to an unknown illness it broke my heart. I now have a trio of Bantam Red Dorkings and some of their offspring...... just too cute.
Cool! You got the little newsletter right? You're on my list because you replied to the first one. Let me check.... yup.
Aren't Dorkings the greatest?
Hi. I have Single Comb Red Dorking! We have had successfully hatched out chicks and have been very please with thier progress. We love our Dorking and would like to find someone to exchange Single Comb Red Dorking eggs/chicks or outright purchase for genetic variability. We are in Georgia and are willing to ship. Please email me if anyone is interested.
I've always wanted Dorkings (well them and just about every other breed
) Are they pretty friendly?
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Hi - I'm a Dorking Mum too.

Just started my flock this spring, and I currently have 11 colored Dorkings - 6 different varieties of "colored" to be exact, and 6 Red Dorking chicks (too little to know Roo from Hen). This is my first go at chickens, so I don't have much to compare them to at this point. I selected Dorkings because they are hearty, dual purpose birds, and are supposed to be super sweet. Temperment is VERY important at our little "homestead" here at Tree of Life Farm.

I have a cool book on Dorkings that I purchased online:

is also a Dorking Breeders Club & website I've joined as well:

this helps & I'm happy to chat about Dorkings at any time!
Boy, I'm glad to see this thread! I just ordered 25 Dorkings from Sand Hill...but the way they work, they hatch only what they estimate they'll sell based on previous years' orders. So I won't know for a while whether I'm actually getting them this fall. I chose them because I was looking for a truly dual purpose breed, which I hope will also raise the next generation for me. I really know nothing about Dorkings first hand; I am hoping they are actually as described, because they sound perfect for my needs. My only concern is how hard it will be to cull when it's time for a chicken dinner...I got attached to my Colored Ranger meaties this spring...they were just gorgeous and curious and friendly, and I still miss them. And I only had them 12 weeks!!

I believe the Dorkings will mature to table weight slower, yes? Anyone eat their extra cockerels? At what age/weight? What should the ratio of roo to hens be, if I want to hatch eggs every year or two? When does the roo's fertility drop to where I'd need to replace him for breeding? How often and for how long do your hens go broody? The Sand Hill description says that their hens go broody each spring to the point where they don't always have eggs to hatch in the spring.

I have a Silver Dorking Rooster!!! His name is Alvin.(because when they are peeps they have chipmunk stripes down their back)(from Alvin and the chipmunks:)) He is the King of the Coop and is always Watching out for the ladies. If he feels your a threat to him or another member of is crew, you better run! Silver Dorking roo's are picture perfect rooster's. When you ask someone who doesn't have much knowledge of chickens to describe a Rooster, they will mostly think of a Silver Dorking. Dorkings are awesome!!!!

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