BYC gamers, need your advice on buying a used Xbox 360 please!


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Mar 27, 2009
Cabarrus Co.
The middle DS has been saving for months to buy a 360 and I need some help because the more I read about them, the more confused I'm getting!
What do I need to know to get a decent machine and to not get ripped off?
All I know is that he wants to be able to play online with friends and just to play games.
How important is the HDMI?
And how do I avoid getting one that is prone to "red ringing" game disks?
All we have is a Wii and compared to the details on the 360 it's pretty straight foward. A 360 is almost like a computer with all of the things that can be added or removed.

Thanks in advance from a mom who just wants to make sure her boy gets the right thing. He has worked really hard to earn the money!
With the older Xbox 360s, it's only a matter of time before you get the red ring of death, quite frankly.

I would FIRST go to your local Gamestop. Do you have one? Check prices for refurbished Xboxes.

They claim the new slim Xbox 360 doesn't have the RROD problem. Which is at least partly true, they took out the red lights. LOL!

I've had a boatload of good experiences with Gamestop merchandise and very few bad ones. And all of the bad ones were solved ASAP.


2233 Spider Dr NE, Kannapolis, NC 28083 (704) 795-2005 () ‎

215 FAITH ROAD, ., SALISBURY, NC 28146 (704) 638-0301 () ‎

Don't know which is closer to you. Also

They are very helpful in getting you what you need. Or at least ours are, and every other gamestop we've gone too. We get to know our employees by name
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How important is the extra HD? Is he really going to need the extra space with just playing games or do the games take up a lot of memory? I'm looking at the refurb units and they don't come with an HD so I'm not sure about needing one for the 360.
If you want to play online, you need a HD.

Get at least a 60 GB HD, 120 GB if you can afford it.

On the back of the console there should be a manufacturing date, newer console=less risk of RROD.

Don't buy anything older then 2008.

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