BYC gets mention in the Hartford Advocate.

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    A chicken in every yard.

    Nifty's slogan is catching on... maybe I should up my guess for May 6th?
  2. Upper-class environmentalists who keep boutique hens.... BWAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!

    "By permitting the chicken-as-pet trend Ramos worries about regulating urban farming: "Look, I'm trying to be as progressive as everybody else, but I'm the one who will have to be counting hens and making sure your hen house is clean. If you want chickens, go to the suburbs. Better yet, go live on a farm.""

    Well he certainly gets the "AH" of the day award....
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    I think it's funny that I'm either a low income person who keeps chickens as a side business or an upper class environmentalist . . . phooey . . .

    PAVE THE RAINFORESTS! I need to make room for my PET chickens that I don't make a dime off of . . . and I'll need donations for the bulldozer and cement mix, because I'm quite poor. [​IMG]
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    Good article! that Ramos character needs to hug a chicken.
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    Quote:Verry funny.
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    Quote:Verry funny.

    I agree. He probably just hasn't met a Silkie chicken yet. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I do so love the AH awards....LOL
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    Quote:OHMYGOSH I am soooo slow..... I just NOW figured that out Chris. [​IMG] Duh!
  9. Quote:Issokay baby.... we forgive you! [​IMG]

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