BYC In Sunset Magazine - "The chicken coop is the new doghouse"

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    Congrats! [​IMG]
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    Rob, Do you ever lean back in your chair and think,"I have chickenfied the world." Because, you have you know. Yes, some of us would have chickens anyway, but you just fueled the fire and sit there fanning the flames! [​IMG]
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    Sure, I'd love to take some credit, but really, the success of the amazing trend in raising backyard chickens comes from all the great peeps (like we have here) caring for their chickens and sharing the joy with others!

    I mean, once you find out from a friend that you can have a pet that makes you breakfast... who would turn down that opportunity? [​IMG]
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    OMG I don't have a subscription to this one anymore!

    Is it out right now?
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    Ya, Katie said it JUST came in the mail. [​IMG]
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    I knew I wanted a couple of hens, but it was BYC that taught me how to build my coop for the safety of my girls. BYC rocks!!!
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    I sometimes come off sounding like an expert, but I'm really just espousing what I have learned from the helpful BYCers when I had a problem or question or encountered a "situation." People at work are amazed at how much I know about chickens - I owe most of it to BYC. A very tiny amount of my gallus domesticus knowledge was mine before I started keeping chickens, but not much of it.

    Heck, I can remember thinking, "Oh GREAT, so much for that 90% accuracy with sexing, I got ALL roosters!" Uhhhh.... I didn't know hens had combs and wattles too. < *blush* >

    Thank you, Rob, for BYC - and thank you, everybody else on BYC, for being so helpful - and FUNNY!

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