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9 Years
Jun 2, 2010
Hello out there in Chicken Land!

I'm a year into my first flock. I live on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington state (that's across the sound from Seattle to you non-Washingtonians!). Aside from chickens, I have a husband and a 10 year old boy. they both love the chickens too.

We bought chicks last May. We started with 2 buff Orpingtons, 2 Rhode Is. Reds, and 2 Ameracaunas. Last month we lost an Orpington, so we're down to 5. Chickens were part of our answer to trying to be more self sustainable. Ultimately, we'd love to have some land to raise more animals and do away with the grocery store all together, but we haven't found a way to make that work and still pay the rent. Ha! Some day soon....

I have some photos of our chicks, starting with my husband building their coop:

My husband makes a living playing piano at a dueling piano bar in Seattle. I'm an esthetician at a salon and spa in Gig Harbor. Our 10 year old loves legos and video games and playing outside. He's happily home schooled. We like to live outside the box.
We're originally from the Portland area in Oregon. In Oregon we grew our own hops and my husband became quite the home brewer. He's really into backpacking right now and spends a lot of time at REI. I enjoy sewing and knitting, crocheting, beading, reading...and camping and hiking. When it's not pouring down rain. heh. That's a tall order for the NW, yo.

We lived in North Carolina for three years and I sort of think of Wilmington as my second home. We met some awesome people from the Full Moon Bus club out there and I think that's how I first heard about BYC.

I should confess that I've been lurking here for about a year, and finally decided to join up after meeting another BYC person at our local farm store. Yay! Chicken people are so fun! We did not know we were chicken people until recently, but are happily converted.
That's it! Thanks for the space!


9 Years
Apr 21, 2010
Snohomish, Wa
my fellow Washingtonian!!!

I am in Snohomish, Wa...on the other side of the water from you!! We homeschool too!! I have two kiddos ages 5 and 1, so we are new to homeschooling just finishing up our first year, I am so glad you joined, WELCOME!!! Glad you found another chicken friend out your way, it's always nice to have some else to talk about chickens with.

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