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Aug 13, 2018
Deer River Minnesota
Hello everyone,

My name is Ellie Trout. I thought of a great idea ~ The BYC news~. The BYC news would be any topic that you want to write about (must follow all BYC rules and be kid friendly). I would prefer if it was something you do not see on the news everyday ( write something positive). Your article can be chicken related but it doesn't have to be.

So how do I write for the BYC News you may ask. All you have to do is come up with a topic to write about and post it.

If you write a article for the BYC news please use a spell checker and use proper punctuation so it is easy to read and understand.

If you want to write, a super long article or just a short one, that is okay.

We will need a editor team to read through articles and correct errors. Please pm me if you are interested in editing.

Rules and Guidelines

~ We prefer if you pm the editors first so they can help with corrections, but you do not have to.

~Make sure you give proper credit to all sources used.

~ You must follow ALL BYC RULES

~ Have fun!

~ We strongly suggest sending articles to me and our editors to be proof read
~ If chat becomes to much we can create a comment thread
~ Review others work and give feedback respectfully
~ We are open to suggestions so if you have any please pm me

Thank you I am so excited to write articles with you guys!

Our editors are
@Texas Kiki
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Hi, some my first news is done

On the news recently you hear about how bad guns are and about mass shootings but you never hear about the good part of guns.
This weekend me and 700 other Minnesotan 4-hers took part in the Minnesota state shooting sports and wildlife event. At this event you can shoot archery, BB gun, air riffle, .224-H Shooting Sports & Wildlife Invitational., trap, muzzle loader and pistol.
Do you know how many kids were shot or how many protesters should up? NONE. Through this program kids are taught safe firearm practices for youth of any background.

With this program for each type of gun you shoot you have to practice at least 16 hours with a certified coach. At practice, kids who have never touched a firearm, learn safety of firearms and how to use them. Out of all the years I have never seen or heard of one accident with a gun and these kids. All youth who take part are taught safety before ever handling a gun.
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i have writers block and need ideas for articles
How about writing an article about how trolling other members is ugly?
Something about how when you are asked to leave someone alone you should do so.

A forum etiquette article.
I write anecdotal stories about life on the mountain.... in the high desert... California near the Mexican border. Chickens are involved but so are predators both two legged four legged and winged...

These are true stories... from my experiences.

There is a local paper that I have been wanting to do a column for but have been afraid to give it a try. this would be experience for me.


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