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    We've realized that some of our registered members may have received an email from me asking them to re-register. If you are a member of the forum, then please disregard this email.

    Here is the background and what happened:

    For the past 5 years we've been sending out newsletters through a system that is separate from the forum. People could register for the newsletter even if they weren't members of the forum. It was a horribly difficult process to manage and over time things became messy.

    On the new platform the newsletter system is tied into the forum registrations. We found that we had a lot of peeps that were subscribed to the newsletter but not registered members of the forum. We decided to send them all a note basically saying "Hey, if you want to keep getting the newsletter, please join our community forum."

    Well, one thing we didn't take into account: Peeps that had been registered on the forum and then changed their email addresses.

    So, when we compared the list of newsletter subscribers to the forum member list, anybody who changed email addresses might have received this letter.

    Ahhh... the complexities of data migration, combination, and management. [​IMG]

    Again, if you are a registered BYC community member and received an email titled "BYC Newsletter: Re-registration Needed!" you can simply delete it.

    If you're reading this and you are not a registered member of BYC... then what the heck are you waiting for??? [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Makes sense now Rob. Thanks!

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