BYC Official Poll - What other animals do you have besides chickens?

What other animals do you have besides chickens?

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Jun 10, 2020
SF Bay Area, CA
I live in BC Canada, and she’s a rescue. I just kinda showed her how to do some things and have always had her free, no cages, she was able to fly a week or two after my stepson rescued her and her bro, I think the parents had six eggs hatch! So once they were feathered they kicked two out fully, like abandoned them. My stepson observed them for hours before approaching (they were in the grass across the road from his work) after he fed them and they got their energy back he decided two was too much work so he gave one to me. She slept Inside mostly when she was younger, now she only sleeps outside. Six months ago now
Wow, that's so interesting! Do you feed her, or does she find food on her own? (I hope you do not mind me asking so many questions.)


Crossing the Road
Sep 29, 2014
New Zealand
What type are you getting?
3 Wiltshire ewe lambs. It sounds like they do very well in our climate which is wet in winter and humid in summer. Traditional wool sheep breeds in New Zealand have a lot of foot problems in the wet, whereas the Wiltshires don't. They shed their own fleece so they'll be easy for us sheep newbies.

What breed/s have you got?

Birdsong 82

Aug 17, 2017
Be careful what you ask for :gig
This is Nyssa.
View attachment 2351749
This is Trinity
View attachment 2351750
This is a plant killer, Cat-Alina.
View attachment 2351751
One of my Kangal, Atlan with a Lamancha (Julia) and her baby
View attachment 2351755
My Anatolian, Hannah, with a couple of last year's Saanen kids. View attachment 2351758
One of my Saanens, Santi and her baby.
View attachment 2351760
Tsaheylu, American Bulldog, goes on the road with me to protect me.
View attachment 2351766
This is a family photo with Hannah (right), Atlan (middle) and their daughter, my most excellent poultry guardian, Munshine (on the left).
View attachment 2351771
Tatchie, a Lamancha that has not gotten pregnant for the past 3 seasons. This is her last chance. She's beautiful, produces delicious milk but really difficult to handle.
View attachment 2351774
Can't upload the photos of Jerseys.... yet.
I am completely hypnotized and in love with your saanens and Lamanchas! I'm such a sucker for goats. Can't imagine having one without horns though. They look amazing!

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